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Fan of The Month

Okay, this is a new idea so I'm still working out the bugs (beetles perhaps??). Here is what this is about... There will be a new Beatle fan featured every month. If you would like to be my first fan, you need the following:

1. You absolutely NEED to be a Beatle fan

2. Please fill out the survey below.

Now, if there happens to be more than one applicant per month, I will feature all of them. If there happens to be no one, I'll probably use my family...

Fill out this survey:

1. Your Name:

2. Your E-mail:

3. From:

4. Who's your favourite Beatle?

5. How Long You Have Been A Fan:

6. Which is your favourite Beatle song?

7. How Old You Are:

8. What Other Groups You Like:

Any Other Comments?

When you hit submit, it will probably ask if you really want to do this, say yes, then hit the moving arrow