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This is alittle bit about me. My name is Melissa Pope. I live in Lapeer, Michigan (wishin' it was Canada! It will be in time though!!!) and I have 4 brothers. Here are all of there names. Wes (21), Donnie (18), Dan (17), Mike (11). There's links to there pics of all of them at the bottom of this page... :)

Let's see....The last time I updated my webpage gosh it's been like forever ago....I reciently got my license and you will see a bitchin' picture of my hooptie in a few weeks. I gotta polish it! lol Actually it's a 1984 Pontiac 6000! I just bought a 1988 Pontiac Sunbird. I bought it a few days ago. It's white and is pimped out as all hell! lol I'm still going out with the same guy....Nathan Yost. I love him heaps! We've been going out for 10 1/2 months almost. I started working at Hot n' now again. I close like every night Monday-Thursday. Anyway, I think that's about it.

I'm under going alot of changes in my life but the most positive thing in my life right now is my boyfriend Nathan. Words can't describe the way that I feel about him. He is wonderful, it's like all the traits that I wanted a boyfriend to have he posesses. I never thought that anyone like him would be interested in me, in which he proved me wrong. I am very much in love with him. He's great! If you see this Nathan! Much love to ya! *hugs*

Well here's my update so fuckin' deal with it....Hope ya like it...In the next year I'll be making some interesting updates in the page.

I like all kinds of music... Alternative and Rap mostly.. Pearl Jam is the best band ever! They are the shit okay!

But other than those I like all kinds. My favorite movies are both Alfred Hitchcock classics..they are "Psycho" and "The Birds" (Jerry...SNAP! lol) My favorite t.v. shows are "Friends" and "Dawson's Creek". there anything else I want in here....uhh..oh yeah I love CANADA! As you might be able to see. Well that's all for now so I'm going to list a few reasons why Canadians are better than us.

Okay well if you are going to make fun of the Canadian people don't sign my guestbook or we gonna have words! -k-

This is my favorite picture of me! It's my school picture for this year. Most recent to what I look like....

This is the picture of me in 10th grade!!! :)

This is my boyfriend Nathan and I, on Valentines Day!

Yes, it's true I got deported from Canada!

This is where you can see that My friend Camron Meikle and I became Canadian citizens at the same time! On 11-22-99

I'm a very lazy person so I don't update my webpage very often, but your are just going to have to fuckin' suck it up and deal with it, ya whinny bitch!

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You can reach me by ICQ my number is: 34311994, Melissa* is my nickname

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Please feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions or to tell me how much this page rules! lol! AOL Messenger...Moonwobble17, MSN messenger, and I have Yahoo pager...Moonwobble17. Feel free to contact me.. I know you might be hesitant cause I'm hot and all but get over it I don't mind if you talk to me! :) lol!


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