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The Wonderful World Of Kittie

(Left To Right: Talena Atfield-Bass, Morgan Lander-Lead Vocals,Guitar, Mercedes Lander-Drums)


November 21, 2001 Oracle is now indeed out, let me tell you I think it's everything the critics have been saying, a more mature, but definatley great album. Song highlights, in my opinion are: "Pain", "Safe", "Wolves", "Run Like Hell". If you are expecting an exact replica of Pink Floyd's version of "Run Like Hell", you might be disappointed, that it it not. It is a great cover though.

Wednesday August 15, 2001 After months of disbelief, I was shown by someone through an email, that Fallon, has in fact, been fired. If Fallon reads this, I hope she finds another band real soon. And to Kittie, keep makin good music, I'll be in those stores October 30th to pick up "Oracle". Don't let the fans down with the new album.

Tuesday May 17, 2001 First update in close to a year, sorry bout that to Kittie and their fans. I guess I kinda lost interest in Kittie, but I guess I regained consciousness! Their new album "Oracle" is going to begin production in Vancouver, Canada between July 21st and August 15th. It's supposed to come out around the fall.

This band is one of the most unique bands I have heard of in a long time with their mix of Hard-core, Rap, Punk, and other well heard influences... I am Sooo Glad I Heard Of Kittie Early Before The World Catches On...

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