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Clan of Shivering Forest

~*~*~The Clan of Shivering Forest~*~*~ In 1473 a large group of Gargoyles lived in a peaceful garden in Italy, disturbed by no one. Their lives ran beautifully until one fatefull morning in June. A handful of Gargoyle hunters found their resting spot, and mercilessly destroyed all of the sleeping night-creatures except one... the youngest, Jenoal. The next evening when she broke free of her stone skin, she gasped as the crumbled bodies of her Clan-mates lay all around her... Frightened and sobbing she flew to the Clan's Nest, in hopes that the eggs had been left alone. Upon her arrival she found that all of them had been left whole, but not alone... The eggs were a strange white color, their spots missing... Carefully she examined them and came to the conclusion that they had been injected with some kind of poison... She could smell it. Something in her soul was crushed then, as the realization of the after-math came into focus. She would have to get rid of the eggs somehow... She feared that they would come out deformed, or worse, and had been taught to never trust a poisoned or diseased Gargoyle. One by one she carried the eggs far away to a distant forest in Rhydin, and left them there, hoping that somebody would take care of them. She left Rhydin, vowing to never tell anyone of the horrible crime she'd committed............ Soon after, they were discovered by Michael, a lone man that lived nearby, and taken in by him. When the day came that they hatched, it was obvious that they had indeed been poisoned. All 6 hatchlings were completely snow white, had strange and uniquely different wings, and their eyes lacked the normality of pupils... The man didn't fear them and raised them to be decent beings, and when they were old enough they formed their own clan and promised to each other and to the man that they would protect the forest until their deaths... This is how they came to be the Clan of Shivering Forest.