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Entertainment - Reuters - updated 8:37 PM ET Jul 8
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Sunday July 8 8:24 PM ET

Paramount announces long-awaited DVD box set for holiday season

Three contemporary classics in a 4-disc Collector's Set

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HOLLYWOOD -- July 8, 2001 -- "THE NICKELODEON DVD COLLECTION," Available October 30, 2001; Featuring Brand New Extra Features and Full-Length Audio Commentaries on All Three Films plus a Spectacular Five-Hour Bonus Disc of Special Features

Coming on the heels of the announcement of "The Godfather DVD Collection", Paramount Home Entertainment is proud to present the second most highly-anticipated DVD release of the year, THE NICKELODEON DVD COLLECTION, which debuts on October 30 as a four-disc collector's set. Featuring deleted scenes, music videos, trailers, making-of featurettes, and new audio commentaries on all three films, THE NICKELODEON DVD COLLECTION also includes a spectacular, five-hour bonus disc of special features for the second movie in the series (the much-coveted "Good Burger"), produced exclusively for this collection.


Disc 1: HARRIET THE SPY (1996)

Featuring an all-new anamorphic widescreen transfer (1.85:1)
5.1 Dolby AND DTS audio tracks (the first DTS on a Paramount DVD)
Fully animated menus
Special introduction by star Rosie O'Donnell
Audio commentary by star Michelle Trachtenberg
Second audio commentary with Director Bronwen Hughes and co-writer Douglas Petrie
Becoming the "Spy": Acting Techniques with Michelle Trachtenberg
Original theatrical trailer and TV spots
Deleted scenes and hilarious outtakes
Nicksclusives: Nickelodeon TV promo featurettes
A Discussion with The Author of the Novel: Louise Fitzhugh
Sound Design & Lighting: The Intricacies of a Family Spy Thriller
A Real Hollywood Premiere: The Debut of Harriet the Spy

Disc 2: GOOD BURGER (1997)

Featuring an all-new anamorphic widescreen transfer (1.85:1)
5.1 Dolby AND DTS audio tracks (the first DTS on a Paramount DVD)
THX-Certified with THX Optimode tests
Fully animated menus
DVD Introduction: Reminscing about the Good Burger: Director Brian Robbins and Kenan and Kel Remember

Audio commentary with stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell (their first commentary)
Audio commentary with Sinbad and Abe Vigoda
Audio commentary with Director Brian Robbins
Audio commentary with stunt double Jill Stokesberry

Theatrical cut
Das Boot version (Director's Cut)
Alternate Ending

Dexter and Ed: Getting Into Character with Kenan and Kel
Becoming the "Spy": Acting Techniques with Michelle Trachtenberg
Theatrical trailers and TV spots (featuring "Get Ready for This")
Deleted scenes and hilarious outtakes
Cast & Crew Biographies & Filmographies


Because we couldn't fit all the extras on just one disc!)

Good toppings: a series of vignettes from the set of Good Burger
Celebrity cameos: a look at how we got Shaq, Carmen Electra and George Clinton to partake
A featurette on the legendary Good Burger Drinking Game
"We're all Dudes" music video
Good Burger trivia game
Dexter and Ed in Mild Peril: 1st Person Adventure Game
DVD-ROM: Kenan and Kel's Paint Workshop Program
Flippin' Burgers with Dexter and Ed: DVD-ROM demo game
More cast & crew memories
Reproduction card of the original poster art
Roll of Good Burger stickers
Leonard Maltin Discusses: What Good Burger means in Today's World
Editing Workshop: edit 10 different scenes the way you want!
3-D virtual tours of the sets
Charlie Rose Interviews Kenan and Kel
Pilot episode of "Kenan & Kel"
Kenan Thompson's gag reel
Two "All That" episodes
From "All That" Sketch to the Big Screen: The Development of Good Burger
Nicksclusives: Nickelodeon TV promo featurettes
A Discussion with The Author of the Novel: Louise Fitzhugh
Good Art Direction: Robert J. Bacon Takes you on an Interactive Tour
Costume Design Featurette
Storyboards and Split-Screen Comparisons: Storyboard-to-final film
Even more outtakes
plus 12 Easter eggs hidden throughout the disc!

Disc 4: SNOW DAY (2000)


1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen Transfer
5.1 Dolby Digital
THX-Certified with THX Optimode Tests
Newly recorded audio commentary: Chevy Chase and Chris Elliot discuss their downfalls
Newly recorded audio commentary: Mark Webber and Zena Grey (the kids)
Audio commentary from the original disc: Director Chris Koch and Screenwriters Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi
Exclusive cast and crew interviews
Featurette: "Snow Day Scoop"
"Nicksclusives" behind-the-scenes spots
NEW: Deleted scenes & Outtakes: Including the Principal's Alternate Takes
NEW: trailers and TV spots
NEW: Hoku's music video "Another Dumb Blonde"
NEW: The Guide to making Fake Snow (or "How to Make a Winter Movie in the Middle of Spring")
NEW: Perspective: Director Chris Koch acknowledges his inspirations, including Citizen Kane and The Godfather
NEW: Production notes and Cast & Crew bios and credits
NEW: Special effects featurette
NEW: "Let it Snow": The Making of a Modern American Classic

"Paramount is honored to announce the worldwide release of THE NICKELODEON DVD COLLECTION," said Eric Doctorow, President of Paramount Home Entertainment Worldwide. "These three films are among the greatest achievements in cinematic history. Their legacy spans nearly six years and now with their release on DVD, we look forward to providing movie lovers everywhere the opportunity to rediscover -- or discover for the first time -- the power of these extraordinary films."

"We were delighted to collaborate with Paramount in the creation of this extraordinary DVD collection," added Kim Aubry, Nickelodeon's VP of Technology and Executive Producer of the DVDs. "To have the opportunity to take films that we truly love and spend six months looking through the vaults for interesting 'lost' objects was something too good to pass up. We contacted many of the original filmmakers in our quest for great DVD extras; and we were led to photographs, tapes, student films and forgotten promotional materials that when viewed today add insight to the films and the filmmakers. Kenan and Kel's new commentary is amazing and we believe will become 'required' viewing for 'Good Burger' buffs and film lovers everywhere."

THE NICKELODEON DVD COLLECTION will be supported with Paramount Home Entertainment's smallest DVD marketing effort to date. "We really think these discs will sell themselves," said Doctorow. "We all have our fingers crossed that people will pass the word along to their friends, neighbors, relatives, about this delightful box set and what a great present it will make." To capitalize on the films' wide-ranging appeal, advertising support is designed to reach 95% of all U.S. households 10 times. This advertising campaign includes only TV advertising on Nickelodeon in the U.S. and Canada, as well as print ads in Playboy and Nickelodeon Magazine.

The three films in THE NICKELODEON DVD COLLECTION are Harriet the Spy (1996), Good Burger (1997), and Snow Day (2000). Harriet the Spy was the film that started it all. Starring Michelle Trachtenberg, Rosie O'Donnell, and Eartha Kitt, the movie tells the story of a young spy named Harriet. Coincidentally, the success of Harriet (Nickelodeon's first full-length feature film) paved the way for the other two Nick films to be released. Good Burger was originally a sketch on the popular children's variety series "All That." Good Burger features acclaimed young actors Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell as two teenagers who have to spend their summer working at a fast food joint. Things get interesting when their restaurant may get shut down due to their new competitor Mondo Burger. The film features cameos from Carmen Electra ("Baywatch"), Shaquille O'Neal (the NBA), and George Clinton (P Funk). Abe Vigoda and Linda Cardelini ("Freaks and Geeks") co-star. Completing the Nickelodeon Pictures trilogy is 2000's surprise hit Snow Day, which officially signified the end of the careers of Chevy Chase and Chris Elliot. The film focuses on an upstate New York family during a special day...a snow day.

THE NICKELODEON DVD COLLECTION is priced to own at a MAP (minimum advertised price) of $74.95 in the U.S. HARRIET THE SPY, GOOD BURGER and SNOW DAY are all rated PG in the U.S. by the Motion Picture Association of America. Overall running time of the four discs (including audio commentaries, extra features, and the alternate version of the movies): 57 hours, 1 minute.

End Of Release

CONTACT: David Manning, Vice President of Publicity, Paramount Home Video