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UPDATE: February 24, 2000 - TNT Rough Cut has an interesting Q & A with Tim Allen. Tim talks about Galaxy Quest, the "Home Improvement" finale, and his love of sci-fi films. TNT Rough Cut has informed me that Tim's Galaxy Quest and Toy Story 2 are up for a slew of awards at the Internet Movie Awards, and it's up to you, the Internet surfers, to vote for the films. TS2 is nominated for Best Film, Best Special Effects, Best Official Movie Website, Best Script, and Best Movie Music. Galaxy Quest is nominated for the following awards: Best Official Movie Website, Best Special Effects, and Most Underhyped Movie. You'll have to make some tough decisions in the website and special effects categories, between Tim's two outstanding films. Click the button below to vote (site removed)!

UPDATE: January 15, 2000 - Well, it looks like the film is truly a success. Having grossed over $40 million and actually climbing the box-office charts (an incredible rarity in the film industry), the film has been taken in by the public. In fact, the movie seems destined to be a cult favorite judging by the number of websites and clubs that have popped up on the Internet. Some of these are just clubs on the movie, but some like the Yahoo! Galaxy Quest Club are fan followings of the "popular 1970s sci-fi series". The whole film seems like a bunch of fun, and as new TV ads are saying, the critics are raving about the movie. CNN has an article on Tim and the movie here.

January 11, 2000 - I apologize for the lack of updates. Galaxy Quest is now playing in America. The sci-fi/comedy has grossed a total of $39 million so far, and has climbed the box-office charts for the second straight weekend, most likely due to positive feedback. A soundtrack from the movie will be released in February, and the film will be released to video and DVD by Dreamworks sometime in the early summer. On a somewhat unrelated note, I am currently working on desktop themes for Tim Allen's two current films, Toy Story 2 and Galaxy Quest. These themes will be for Windows 95/98 users to download in a .ZIP format, complete with wallpapers, cursors, icons, color scheme, a Winamp skin, an active desktop display, and more. Which leads me to my point. If anyone has WAV sound clips from the two films (any clips at all) and thinks they would be good for the theme, please send them to me and I will give you credit in the theme. The themes would be MUCH better with sounds so if you could help me out, I'd appreciate it. Also, if you look below, you'll see I have joined the Internet's first Galaxy Quest web ring. A Tim Allen Web Ring I have started should be finished soon. That's all for now...hopefully the themes will be done in a few weeks.

You can now buy "Galaxy Quest", the book, on paperback from the store. DreamWorks has finally updated their official Galaxy Quest site, and now typing in will take you to the organized Amazon site. In case you didn't understand the old site found there, "Travis Latke's Galaxy Quest Vaults", that's okay. The Amazon Galaxy Quest site explains that its a site made by superfan Travis Latke. Of course, it's just the filmmakers with a creative idea for an official site, by making it like a fan site for the show. That is why that page seems like an amateur's attempt at a fansite. The trailer was finally released online today, November 17, and can be downloaded here. The film looks pretty good, it may not be on the same level as Tim's previous incredible efforts such as Jungle 2 Jungle and Toy Story, but it certainly will be entertaining. Tim's character seems like a likable guy. That is his character, the actor who plays Captain Peter Quincy Taggart. From viewing the trailer, you can tell that there is no doubt who the star of the film is, and that is Tim Allen. I expect the film to be a big box-office hit, judging from the interest in the film on the Internet and past public reaction to Tim's films (very, very positive). Throw in those die-hard sci-fi fans into the mix and I think it's safe to say Galaxy Quest will be a Christmas hit. Not as safe a bet as Toy Story 2, but quite certainly the film will be successful.

I've updated this site to include a few Galaxy Quest postcards and added some external links below. The film poster was posted online just two days ago. It looks like an ad for the tv show, featuring Tim Allen (wearing sunglasses), Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman popping out of a television set (called the Galaxitron) in space. The bottom right hand of the set says "9 PM", which for a long time, was the time that "Home Improvement" aired. (Who else misses it?) There is also a spaceship coming through the television (it has actually shattered the glass screen), which if you get close enough, says RTE-3180. It is a flashy poster, and if you'd like to set it as your computer's wallpaper, click here and save the large image. You even will have to resize the poster to make it small enough to fit on your screen. It is very big and very clear. More updates coming soon, in the meantime, check out my fully-loaded Toy Story 2 site. I'm really excited about both of Tim's upcoming films, they both look really great!


In Galaxy Quest, Tim Allen plays a washed-up actor who used to be on a 1970's Star Trek-type television show. Some real aliens intercept broadcasts of the show and decide to kidnap the washed-up actors to help them fight their evil oppressors. This science fiction-comedy is due to be released December 25 by DreamWorks films. Here is a closer look at Tim Allen's sixth major film:

The film co-stars Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman, and is directed by Dean Parisot. In the 1970s, Allen's character and his co-stars (including the Rickman and Weaver characters) had a hit sci-fi show called "Galaxy Quest." Twenty years later in the '90s, they are washed-up actors who appear at science fiction conventions in costume. However, when a group of extraterrestrials think that the show was a television transmission of historical documents, they enlist Allen's character, the brave Captain Peter Quincy Taggart, and his crew to fight in a war against a deadly alien race.

The film will contain a number of expensive special effects, done by Industrial Light & Magic. The film is written by first-time screenwriter David Howard and Robert Gordon (who did the screenplay to Addicted to Love, the 1997 comedy starring Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan). In addition to the stars Allen, Weaver, and Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Daryl Mitchell, Enrico Colantoni, Sam Rockwell, and J.P. Manoux have supporting roles in the film. The movie was originally intended to be directed by Harold Ramis (best known as Egon Spengler in the Ghostbusters films). Ramis has directed such films as Caddyshack, National Lampoon's Vacation, Groundhog Day, and most recently, Analyze This. However, he backed out of the project, which at that time was called Captain Starshine. Director Parisot has mostly just worked with television shows and movies, but he did direct last year's Home Fries, the dark comedy starring Drew Barrymore.

Update (11/06/99): I recently learned that Dreamworks is toning down some of the film's violence and adult content in order to make Galaxy Quest more targeted at family audiences. But that doesn't mean it is planned to be just for children. The film's creators say they hope that when the film is released next month, it will have an appeal to people of all ages, having a Men in Black-type crowd. With this in mind, you would expect the film to get a PG rating, which sounds like it could be better than I expected. With a PG rating, Galaxy Quest could benefit from more families going to theaters to see it. If you'd like to see the official fact sheet on the film that was released by Dreamworks, click here. Also, an important change...Galaxy Quest's release date has apparently been moved back fifteen days to Christmas Day, December 25. It's believed that Dreamworks pushed back the release of the film because on December 10, it would face some stiff competition from Stephen King's new film The Green Mile starring Tom Hanks, which appears to be in contention for some Oscars. Well, since Woody has pushed Buzz back to Christmas, we'll all just have to wait til Christmas Day to see the film. Lastly, check out the new photo gallery for a few more pics. I will add to it as I get more images from the film.


SIGOURNEYWEAVER. She certainly has experience working with extraterrestrial creatures. having starred in four Alien films, most recently 1997's Alien Resurrection. Also, she was a part of probably the two most successful science fiction comedies, in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. As for working with a baboon like Tim, she WAS in Gorillas in the Mist. And she earned an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Dianne Fossey in that 1988 drama.

ALANRICKMAN. Rickman is a 53-year-old British actor who is a very popular actor in Europe. His role in "Galaxy Quest" will be one of his largest in a film, even if he will spend most of the movie heavily disguised in costume. Some of his more notable films include Michael Collins, Sense and Sensibility, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Die Hard. Rickman received much critical acclaim for his performance in the 1997 television movie Rasputin. He won a bunch of awards for the HBO movie including a Golden Globe, an Emmy, and a Screen Actors Guild award. Rickman also appears in the much-talked about new film Dogma from director Kevin Smith co-starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

DREAMWORKS. DreamWorks made last October's Antz, which wasn't the best computer-animated insect film of 1998. But A Bug's Life was made by Disney and Pixar Films (the masterminds behind Toy Story) so what did you expect? However, this distributor gave us Saving Private Ryan, which is good proof that it can release critically-acclaimed films. But that makes me ask myself two questions: 1) Jungle 2 Jungle and The Santa Clause weren't critically acclaimed...does a film have to be critically acclaimed to be good?, 2) Can an entire film company really be judged...since every distributor has had its share of good and bad movies?, which leads me to a third question: who determines what is good or bad? Other Dreamworks releases include Small Soldiers, Forces of Nature, The Prince of Egypt, and the summer horror film The Haunting.

If you read Tim Allen's second book, you know that he is a big sci-fi movie fan. In Galaxy Quest, he gets a chance to mix sci-fi with his elements of comedy. In The Hollywood Reporter's interview with Tim, which was in last week's newsletter, he talked about going straight from "Home Improvement" to working on Galaxy Quest. Well he did, shooting of Galaxy Quest began in April and should soon wrap up. The movie sounds interesting, to say the least, and, hopefully, it will be more like Allen's work in Jungle 2 Jungle and The Santa Clause than like his most recent film For Richer or Poorer, which was not as successful. The film will come out this winter in time for Christmas. Of course, you can also hear Tim as America's favorite space ranger Buzz Lightyear when Toy Story 2 comes out in November.

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