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Greetings and Welcome. This is Falcour's Weyr. For those of you who don't know what a Weyr is...A weyr is where a dragon is...their home and that of their riders. This is Falcour's home and this page was made especially for him. These pages were made in an attempt to display my most favorite things...those being dragons, faeries and anything having to do with Fantasy. If you are truly interested in dragons, weyrs and how they came into being, I highly recomend "The Pern Series" by Anne McCaffrey.

Happy Anniversary Davey!

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The sites within Falcour's Weyr are listed in the table below. Enjoy your travels~*!*~

If your interest here is in dragons, there are many more, but you must first make it through the "Faerie Mists" to find them :) GOOD LUCK!!!

Taeya's Adoption Weyr The Faerie Mists
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Thank you Noirangel for the beautiful award and all your hard work and creativity! 8-6-99.

My second award from ~*beca, 05-23-98. My first award from beca is in the "Faerie Mists"

I'm Abernathy. I'll just bet you didn't know that reading was a dragons favorite passtime. Well, it certainly is. As a matter of fact - one of my favorite things to read is this guestbook right below me. So - if you would be so kind as to sign the guestbook you would be contributing to my wealth of knowledge - and we all know that dragons are a fountain of knowledge. (That's because we love to read.) Thanks for being so kind @-->-->--

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