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Wrestling Results

ECW TV Results 6-17 in Columbia

*At the beginning of the show Balls Mahoney was looking for the Dudleys, but was eventually hit with a chair by D-Von Dudley.

*It showed Steve Corino getting out of a match with Taz. He was complaining about a appendix attack.

*Showed Spike Dudley vs. Taz- It was mostly Taz during the match. Spike Dudley went for a Acid Drop, but it was revesed into a clothesline. Then Spike hit a low blow. Then he went for another Acid Drop, but it was reversed into the finishing Tazmission.

*Jerry Lynn vs. David Cashman- During the match Jason and Justin Credible came out to talk about Lynn to lance Storm. the end of the match came when Lynn reversed Cashman move. That set up the Cradle Piledriver for the win. After the match he hit another Cradle Piledriver.

*Roadkill and Danny Doring talked about how great they are.

*Yoshiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy- It was supposed to be Tajiri verse Crazy, but Big Sal attacked Tajiri. So now Super Crazy was going to verse Little Guido.After Tajiri came back in the ring and kicked Little Guido off Super Crazy. Then delivered a baseball slide to Little Guido hanging from the turnbuckle. It was named a three-way dance. Super Crazy beat Little Guido with the Crazy Combo, but when he turned around he fell victim to a finishing Brainbuster from Tajiri.

*The Dudley's and Jusin Credible were arguing about the Tag Team Titles. That brought on Rob Van Dam to come out.

*Rob Van Dam vs. D-Von Dudley- In the match Justin Credible came out and hit Bubba Ray Dudley with the cane. Later Balls Mahoney came out and ducked both Dudleys. Mahoney placed D-Von on the rope. Alfonso was about to deliver a chair shot, but was knocked down by the Dudley's Manager. Balls put on Alfonso's cap. He held the chair to D-Von's face. Van Dam then hit a Vandaminator. Balls put on the referee and the 1-2-3 after Van Dam delivers a Five Star Frog Splash. Van Dam realizes who it is and is mad.

ECW TV Results 6-24 from Chicago

*The Spanish Angel came out with Jack Victory to verse Skull Von Krush. The Spanish Angel said stuff to the crowd. Krush delivered a elbow off the top rope. Then Taz came out and attacked both of them. Victory then attacked Spanish Angel.

*Taz was in a bad mood. He nobody to beat up on. Corino came out and started to make fun of Taz. Corino said him and Jack Victory had been plotting. Corino had a new Taz-killer named Rhino.

*Rhino vs. Taz- Rhino hit Taz with a Rhino Bomb at the beginning. Taz dominated the rest of the match. At the end of the match Taz put a table between the turnbuckle. Taz delivered a Hardway Tazplex. Taz then beat him ith a Tazmission. Taz threw Rhino into the table one more time after the match.

*Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley came out.

*Little Guido vs. Tajiri- This was a pretty equal match. During the match both delivered sliding dropkicks into the other person while they were in the tree of woe. Each got chair shots to the face. At the end Big Sal attacked tajiri outside the ring. Tajiri got a chair to the face from Guido. Guido then delivered a DDT. Guido then put on the finishing Sicilian Crab.

*Cirus the Virus was talking to Judge Jeff Jones.

*It was supposed to be Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn. Lance Storm came out and said Lynn owed him a favor for taking him to the hospital. He wanted Lynn to lay down for Credible. Tommy Dreamer came out and tryed convince Lynn not to do it. Lynn layed down for Credible, but Lynn rolled him up when he went for the pin.

*Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn- This was a great match. At the end Credible went for his Tombstone. Lynn reversed it into his own Tombstone. Credible reversed back into his Tombstone. Lynn reversed itnto a rollup for the win. After the match Credible and Storm spiked piledrived Lynn. Storm said he still owed him a favor.

ECW Barely Legal Results

*The Eliminators vs. Dudley Boyz(Tag Title)
*Total Elimination on Sign Guy Dudley
*Stereo Twisting Splashes
*Saturn assisted by Kronus hit a SaturnSault to the floor. Then Kronus hit a Space Flying Kronus Drop on the Dudleys.
*Kronus hit Hurricane Kronus on Bubba Ray then Saturn hit the Top Rope Elbow Drop.
*Saturn hit a double jump springboard Saturnsault on Bubba Ray.
*Kronus hit the 450 Splash on D-Von Dudley
*Eliminators hit roundhouse sandwich on Bubba Ray then hit Total Elimination for the win.
*After they hit Total Elimination on Joel Gertner.Grade=B

Rob Van Dam vs. Lance Storm
*RVD hits Air Van Dam.
*Storm hits a leaping back elbow.
*RVD hits a moonsault press off the guardrail.
*RVD dropkicks the chair into his face in the corner.
*RVD hit a big Frog Splash.
*Storm slams RVD on the chair.
*Storm hits a cartwheel corner splash.
*RVD lays Storm on the apron and hits a slingshot guillotine legdrop.
*Storm hits a Liger Bomb on the chair.
*Storm legdrops RVD into the standing chair.
*RVD hits the Van Daminator then a backflip splash for the win.Grade=A-

Great Sasuke, Gran Hamada, Masato Yakushiji vs. (BWO)Terry Boy, Dick Togo, Taka Michinoku
*BWO hit elbowdrop, senton splash, then a elbow drop on Sasuke.
*Yakushiji hit a spinning hurricanrana then a tilt-a-whirl arm drag on Togo.
*Gran Hamada hit a big headbutt on Terry Boy.
*Sasuke hit a cartwheel crossbody on Terry Boy after a series of great moves.
*Yakushiji hit a baseball slide headscissors takedown.
*Michinoku got out of a half crab and hit a enziguri.
*BWO hit a double leg low blow then they pose on Sasuke.
*Michinoku hits a Michinoku Driver on Yakushiji.
*BWO hit a spike piledriver
*BWO hit hte Triple Team Powerbomb on Yakushiji.
*Sasuke got out of a Triple Team Powerbomb with a rana.
*Sasuke hit a Moonsault Press on Taka and Terry Boy.
*Sasuke hit a Asai Moonsault on Dick Togo.
*Terry Boy hit a Top Rope Manhattan drop on Gran Hamada
*Taka Michinoku hit a running springboard plancha on Gran Hamada.
*Terry Boy hit the Miracle Ecstacy(Chokeslam into Powerbomb).
*Gran Hamada hit a leaping swinging DDT on Dick Togo.
*Hamada hit a Top Rope Rana on Dick Togo.
*Yakushiji hit a diving rana on Dick Togo.
*Yakushiji nailed Tope on Togo.
*Michinoku hit a missle dropkick to the back of Sasuke's had then hit a Michinoku Driver#2.
*Sasuke hit a Thunder Fire Powerbomb then a Rear Salto Suplex(Double-arm German Suplex)for the win.Grade:A+

Shane Douglas"The Franchise" vs. Pitbull#2(TV Title)
*Pitbull#2 tryed to break his neck over and over again.
*Douglas blocked a powerbomb with a hurricanrana.
*Douglas hit three piledrivers in a row.
*Douglas hit a delayed vertical suplex then put on a Camel Clutch.
*Pitbull#2 tossed Douglas outside through a table.
*Gary Wolfe(Pitbull#1), who was injured by Douglas, came out of the crowd and attacked him.
*Douglas dropped Pitbull #2 on the piece of guardrail in the ring.
*Douglas put him on the piece of guardrail and hit him with a chair.
*Pitbull#2 dropkicked Douglas who was coming off the Top Rope.
*Pitbull#2 hit a press slam.
*Douglas hit PB2 with brass knuckles.
*Douglas broke a piece of table over PB2's head.
*Douglas hit him with a timekeeper bell.
*Douglas hit him with the TV Belt.
*PB2 took the chain from Douglas's boot and wrapped around his fist and hit him.
*Chris candido tried to come in, but PB2 hit him.
*Shane Douglas hit his Belly2Belly Suplex on PB2 for the win.
*After the match Rick Rude hit Douglas with a night stick then Brian Lee hit a Primetime Slam on him. Grade:C-

Taz(with Team Taz) vs. Sabu
*Sabu blocked a Tazmission with a hiptoss.
*Taz gets a Ankle Pick after some great chain wrestling.
*Taz gives sabu some vicious crossfaces.
*Sabu hit a slingshot kick from the second rope. *Sabu hit a baseball slide then nailed a double jump springboard Plancha into the crowd.
*Taz locked on a free stlye Bow and Arrow.
*Taz locked on a body scissors arm bar.
*Sabu hit a slingshot somersault legdrop from the second rope.
*Sabu hit Air Sabu(chair vault corner heel kick).
*Taz ducked another Air Sabu and dropped him face first on the chair.
*Taz moved out of the way of a Double Jump Springboard Plancha and Belly2Belly Tazplex him into the crowd.
*Sabu went for a swinging ddt through the apron/guardrail bridged table, but Taz tossed him right through the table.
*Sabu hit a top rope hurricanrana.
*Sabu hit a huge Leg Drop from the top rope.
*Taz hit a head and Arm Tazplex.
*Taz hit a headlock Tazplex.
*Sabu hit T-Bone Tazplex.
*Sabu locked on the Tazmission, but taz turned it into a Belly2Back Tazplex.
*Taz hit a T-Bone Tazplex then locked on the Tazmission for the win.
*After RVD and Sabu attacked Taz.
*Sabu hit a Arabian Facebuster.
*Sabu dove on Taz to put him through the table then locked on the Tazmission.
*Bill Alfonso turned on Taz.Grade:B+

Big Stevie Cool vs. Sandman vs. Terry Funk
*Triple Side Headlock
*Terry Funk had the spinning toehold on Sandman until Stevie clotheslined him.
*Stevie and Sandman each dropped 2 elbows on Funk.
*Sandman atomic throwed Richards on to Funk.
*Sandman then turned Stevie and hit a belly2back suplex.
*Funk hit four hangmans neckbreakers on Stevie.
*Sandman threw a ladder at Funk.
*Sandman hit a ladder suplex on Stevie.
*Sandman hit a DDT on Stevie.
*Funk hit a Moonsault off the ladder on to Stevie.
*Sandman came off the top with a ladder on to Stevie.
*Stevie dropkicked the ladder into Sandman's face.
*Funk used the ladder as a helicopter knocking Sandman and Stevie down several times.
*Stevie hit a see,saw laddder on Sandman and Funk.
*Stevie Stevie Kicked Sandman and Terry Funk.
*Sandman threw Stevie out of the ring and threw the ladder on him.
*Sandman hit a pescada see,saw ladder on stevie who was in the crowd.
*Sandman threw a trashcan at Funk.
*Funk and Sandman suplexed Stevie on the trashcan.
*Funk and Sandman hit a spike piledriver.
*Sandman hit a slingshot senton splash on to Stevie with a ladder on his stomach.
*Funk and Sandman hit a assisted powerbomb on Stevie to beat him.
*Funk whipped Sandman on the back with barbwire.
*Sandman put the barbwire aroung himself and ramed Funk.
*Sandman hit the legdrop off the top.
*Stevie came back in and Funk put a trashcan over Sandman's head. Stevie Stevie Kicked Sandman.
*Funk finished off Sandman with a Moonsault for the win.Grade:A

Raven vs. Terry Funk(Heavyweight Title)
*Raven droptoehold Funk on the chair.
*Funk was gushing blood.
*Raven hit a twisting pescada on Funk who was on table.
*Reggie Bennet powerbombed Funk. Bennet is part of Raven's Nest.
*Raven DDT the referee.
*Dreamer chokeslammed Big D. Dudley from the balcony through three tables.
*Dreamer took out Raven's Nest.
*Dreamer DDT Raven and Funk pined Raven for a two count.
*Funk then small packaged Raven to win the World Heavyweight Title.

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