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Louis Kendrick
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WWF Finishers
Bradshaw- Clothesine from He**, Huge Lariat
Faarooq- Dominator, Inverted Slam
Spine Buster Toss
Al Snow- Snow-Plow, Northern Lights Bomb
Big Boss Man- Boss Man Slam, Sidewalk Slam
Billy Gunn- Famouser, Leg Face Driver
Blue Meanie- Meaningsault, Top Rope Moonsault
Christian- Tomakazi
Falling Inverted DDT
Gangrel- Implant DDT, Brainbuster DDT
Godfather- Pimp Drop, Death Valley Driver
Ho Train, Big Running Corner Splash
Goldust- Curtain Call, Inverted Brainbuster
Hardcore Holly- Hollycaust, Angled Body Slam ino Driver
Chyna- Pedrigree, Double Underhook Piledriver
Edge- Downward Spiral, Reverse Russian Leg Sweep
D-Lo- 'Lo Down, Variation Frog Splash
Sky High, Twisting Sit Down Spine Buster
D Lo Legdrop, Taunting Then Legdrop to Throat
Droz- New Jersey Naptime, Sit Down Powerbomb
Jeff Jarrett(now in WCW)- Figure Four Leglock
Stroke, Front Russian Leg Sweep
Kane- Tombstone Piledriver
Choke Slam
Clothesline from The Top Rope
Shamrock- Ankle Lock
Mankind- Mandible Claw, Mouth Nerve Hold
Double Arm DDT
Meat- Meat Grinder, Inverted DDT
Road Dogg- Armstrong Stretch, Pumphandle Slam
Crazy Legs Kneedrop, Dancing Knee Drop
Rock- Rock Bottom, Leaping and Falling Leg Trip
People's Elbow, Running Corkscrew Elbow Drop
Mark Henry- Vertical Splash
Stone Cold- Stunner, 3/4 Front Facelock Sitting Drop
Thesz Press
Steve Blackman- Pump Kick, Jumping Front Kick
Off the Top Pump Kick
Taka Michnoku- Michinoku Driver, Brainbuster
Michinoku Driver II, Body Slam into Driver
Michinoku Driver II-B, Inverted DDT into Michinoku Driver II
Running Springboard Plancha
Missle Dropkick
Funaki- Top Rope Senton Splash
Somersault 3/4 Facelock Drop Test- Test Bomb, Gutwrench Powerbomb
Pumphandle Powerslam
Scotty Too Hotty- Tennesse Jam, Top Rope Leg Drop
The Worm Elbow, Does the Worm then hits Driving Elbow
Leaping DDT
Too Sexy Brian Christopher-Tennesse Jam, Top Rope Leg Drop
Too Sexy Powerbomb, Sunset Powerbomb Suicida
Triple H- Pedigree, Double Underhook Face First Piledriver
Undertaker- Tombstone
Choke Slam
Val Venis- Money Shot, Top Rope Splash
Fisherman Suplex
Viscera- Vertical Splash
X-Pac-- X-Factor, Face Plant
Chaz(use to be Beaver Cleaver)- Chaz Drop, Inverted Death Valley Driver
Jeff Hardy- Swanton Bomb, Top Rope Somersault Senton
Twist of Fate, 3/4 front facelock Drop
Tope Con Hilo
Matt Hardy- Tornado DDT
Twist of Fate, 3/4 front facelock Drop
Hardy Boys- Falling Fate, Opposite corner Leg Drop and Splash
Headbangers- Stage Dive, Powerbomb/ Top Rope Leg Drop Combo
Big Show- Showstopper Slam, Sit Down Chokeslam
Cactus Jack- Pulling Piledriver
Rikishi- Second Rope Butt Drop
Sit Down Tombstone Piledriver
Too Cool- Tennesee Jam/Spine Buster Combo
Kurt Angle- Belly2Belly Suplex
Stevie Richards-Stevie Kick, Warmup then Super Kick
Head Cheese- Side Backbreaker/Top Rope Legdrop
Essa Rios- Moonsault
Leaping Somersault Senton Suicida
Prince Albert- Fireman Carry into Neckbreaker
Karate Kid

WCW Finishers
Sid Vicious- Powerbomb
Hogan- Running Leg Drop
Brian Adams- Tilt-a-Whirl Slam
Scott Hall- Outsider's Edge, Crucifix Powerbomb
Fallaway Slam
Scott Norton- Shoulderbreaker
Buff Bagwell- Blockbuster, Somersault Neckbreaker
Scott Steiner- Steiner Recliner
Steiner Screw Driver, Suplex into Piledriver
Frankinsteiner, Hurricanrana
Curt Hennig- Henning Plex, Fisherman Suplex
Kevin Nash- Jacknife, Powerbomb
Lex Luger/Total Package- Torture Rack
Macho Man- Madness Drop, Top Rope Elbow Drop
Konnan- Tequilla Sunrise, Arm Bar/ Crab Combo
187, Belly2Belly into Fisherman Buster
Kidman- Shooting Star Press
Roddy Piper- Sleeper
DDP- Diamond Cutter, 3/4 Facelock Drop
DDP Pancake, Face First Piledriver
Bam Bam Bigelow- Greetings from Asbury Park, Sit Down Tombstone Piledriver
Leaping Headbutt
Chris Benoit(Now in WWF)- Crippler Crossface
Swan Dive Headbutt
Multiple German Suplexes
Rick Steiner-Leaping Bulldog
Booker T- Heat Seeker Dropkick, Missle Dropkick
110th Street Slam, Leg Powerbomb
Harlem Axe Kick, Jumping Side Heel Kick
Harlem Hangover, Top Rope Somersault Leg Drop
Saturn(Now in WWF, Was in ECW)- Death Valley Driver
Rings of Saturn, Double Armbar
Gargoyle Suplex, Overhead Belly2Belly Suplex
Disco Inferno- Last Dance/Chart Buster, Stunner
Meng- Tongan Death Grip
Barbarian- Kick of Fear, Launching Big Boot
Van Hammer- War Slam, Cobra Clutch Slam
Stevie Ray- Slapjack, Double Underhook Piledriver
Big T- Double Arm Powerbomb
Chris Jericho(Now in WWF)- Lion Tamer/Walls Of Jericho, High Angle Crab
Lionsault, Second Rope Springboard Mooonsault
Rey Mysterio Jr.- Springboard Hurricanrana
MisterioRana, Spinning Rana off the Top
Dean Malenko(Now in WWF)- Texas Cloverleaf
Chavo Guerrero- Tornado DDT
Eddy Guerrero(Now in WWF)- Frog Splash
Psychosis- Guillotine Leg Drop
Goldberg- Jackhammer, Hanging Powerslam
Juventud Guerrera- 450 Splash
Super Brainbuster
Juvi Driver, Body Slam into Driver
Kanyon- Flatliner, Reverse Russian Leg Sweep
Lash Leroux- Whiplash, Fireman Carry into Driver
Whiplash 2000, 3/4 Facelock Russian Leg Sweep
Berlin- Hangmans Neckbreaker
The Wall- Choke Slam
The Artist- Reverse Suplex
Leaping DDT
Shane(3 Count)- Frog Splash
Evan Karaigis- 360 Plancha
The Cat-Side Kick
Harris Brothers- H Bomb, Belly2Back/Side Slam
Shannon- Top`e Con Hilo, Leaping Somersault Senton Suicida
Dancing Legdrop
Mona- Indian Deathlock Cradle