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Scary Stories

Scary Story

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Absolutely Scary Story

Once upon a time there was a man named Bloody Muffer. He lived in a red brick house and he lived off of toilet water after using the bathroom. People thought nothing of him until he took a knife and cut alotta dum dogs heads off. People were startled because of what he had done. One day Bloody Muffer was walking through his yard and suddenly a women screamed. He ran as quick as he could, but when he got there her leg seemed to be bitten off and carried away!!! So he went home. On his way home a Chihuahua jumped onto his nose. As he shaked the dog all of a sudden his skin started to come off. As the dog let go his skin was ripped off. All of his skin had been torn off his body. It was a bloody mess on the floor. He laughed and picked up a leaf. Then he went into the town yelling," I'm naked I'm not in my skin." As the towns people looked they thought he was a alien and they hit him with a galactic taser. He was never heard from or seen ever again.


Bloody Muffer's Back

As the story ended he was never heard from ever again until now. See once he got shot he ran to a far away hospital. The bullets were removed. The docter did not know they were not bullets from around the area. It had an unusual effect on him. He turned into a 3-D shadow with green eyes. He realized he was not a bad guy anymore. He figured out who ever shot him must have been another angry alien just like him. So he decided to take up the name Green Eyed Spy. He started his own agency of course only open at night. People came to him to solve mysteries or even crimes. He solved them all. One day when he was watching the late late news he found out who had shot him. The guy had shot him with an illegal gun that had caused disasters in wars. It leaked an unusual gas that caused the population of Dunbuggy to die out. It did not show good signs coming from the island know known as Deadbuggy Island. The island had originally sunk but the dead bodies ashes covered it. So he decided to investigate. He looked all over the island and found nothing but a porty potty. So he left and sailed back. He found out a guy had escaped he left a gun on his ecsape out of jail.


The Case of Dunbuggy

The last time we left him. He had found a gun in the tunnel where the guy who shot him had escaped. He went to investigate. So he went to the police where they filed his name. His name was JBC I-Joun S-Barn Craft. He thought his name meant Inter......galactic Space Craft.He thought that proved he was an alien. So G.E.S. decided to go look for I-Joun Craft on Deadbuggy Island. So he sailed over there. He was thirsty and had to go to the bathroom. So he found the stall again. He opened the door and went inside. It looked regular so he decided not to get a drink and he sat on the toilet. Then he looked and saw a lever. He waited til he was done and pushed it. It emptied him on the floor below the ground and he tip-toed foward. He did not notice the couch and he fell over it. He got up and found the light switch. He flicked the light switch on and looked around. He noticed the space craft in the next room. He knew it had to be I-Joun Craft's hideout. He turned on the TV to Channel 1 the late late news. He saw the bank that had been robbed. He knew it was ISC. So he turned off everything because he knew ISC was coming back to his hideout. He hided and then he saw something green glowing. It was the bullets. He grabbed the bullets and all of a sudden Joun came back. He yelled in the house.................

Part 2 is Next

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