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ECW PPV Results 2000

Guilty As Charged 2000

Mikey Whipwreck vs. C.W. Anderson(with "Beautiful" Billy Wiles and Lou E. Dangerously)
*Whipwreck droptoeholded Billy Wiles into C.W.
*Whipwreck hit a slingshot elbow on Anderson who was draped in the ropes.
*Whipwreck Tiger Drivered him into the guardrail.
*Anderson superkicked Whipwreck into the crowd.
*Anderson hit a Chicken Wing Powerslam
*Anderson hit a single-arm DDT.
*Whipwreck hit a russian leg sweep.
*Whipwreck hit a clothesline off the Top Rope.
*Whipwreck hit a Whippersnapper.
*Wiles hit Tilt-A-Whirl Slam.
*Whipwreck hit Wiles with a Whippersnapper.
*Lou E. hit Whipwreck with a phone. Then Anderson hit his spinebuster for the win.

Kid Cash& Jazz& Nova& Chetti vs. Simon Diamond& Danny Doring& Roadkill
*Cash hit lots of arm drags on Roadkill.
*Nova hit a Inverted Atomic Drop then Cash hit a bulldog on Doring.
*Jazz hit a Monkey flip on Simon. Then hit a low blow. That setup her Jazz Stinger.
*Cash hit Money!.
*Diamond, Cash, Big Dick, and Jazz battled to the back.
*Nova introduced the DDT squared on Danny Doring.
*Nova hit a flying neckbreaker on Roadkill.
*Nova hit the Elevator on Doring.
*Doring& Roadkill hit the Lancaster Lariat of Lust on Nova.
*Roadkill hit a Amish Splash on Nova.
*Doring hits the Bearback on Nova.
*Roadkill hit the Amish Elbow off the second rope.
*Roadkill hit the Dirt Road Slam then Doring hit his Panty Drop Elbow.
*Chris Chetti came out to be Nova's partner.
*Nova hit a sit down spine buster on Doring.
*Chetti cleaned house with clotheslines and kicks.
*Chetti hit a pescada on Roadkill. Nova hit a pescada on Roadkill. Doring hit a pescada on Nova. Referee Mike Kehner hit a Plancha on everybody.
*Chetti slammed Electra in the most comfortable way.
*Doring hit Wam Bam Thank You Mam on Chetti.
*Roadkill hit the Amish Bomb on Chetti for the win.

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