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ECW PPV Results 98-99

Heatwave 99'

Danny Doring& Roadkill vs. Nova& Chris Chetti
*Doring& Roadkill hit the Lancaster Lariat of Luck on Nova.
*Doring hits a Bearback on Nova.
*Doring hits a G Spot Sweep then Roadkill hits a Springboard Legdrop on Nova.
*Doring hits a Springboard Elbow drop on Nova.
*Nova hits a Spin Docter on Doring.
*Chetti cleans house. He hits a scissor kick on Roadkill.
*Nova hit a Stunner and DDT on Roadkill and Doring.
*Nova monkey flips Chetti. Chetti kipups and clothesline Doring& Roadkill.
*Nova locked on a figure four on Roadkill then Chetti and Doring both hit Top Rope Leg Drops.
*Chetti hits a Belly2Back into Powerbomb then hits a Double Springboard Moonsault.
*Chetti danced with Angelica to Liva La Vida Loca.
*Chetti hit a Amityville Horror on Roadkill.
*Nova hit Kypronite Krunch on Doring.
*Chetti hit a Amityville Horror on Roadkill. That setup the Tidal Wave by Nova& Chetti on Roadkill for the win.Grade:A

Jazz vs. Jason
*Jazz hit a powerslam and a High Cross Body.
*Jason hit a dropkick.
*Jazz hit a snap suplex then a Somoan Drop.
*Jazz lowblowed Jason with a chair.
*Jason hit a enziguri.
*Jazz hit a Jazz Stinger on a chair for the win.Grade:C+

Super Crazy vs. Little Guido
*Series of arm drags
*Guido locked on a Fuji Wara Armbar.
*Crazy hit a vaulted quebrada.
*Guido hit a swinging neckbreaker.
*Crazy hit 10 punches in the corner.
*Crazy hit a powerbomb and a backflip splash.
*Crazy hit a Asai Moonsault from a high guardrail in the crowd.
*Crazy hits tilt-a-whirl flying headscissors and springboard spinning heel kick.
*Guido hits a Rocket dropper from the second rope.
*Sal powerslamed Crazy on the concrete floor.
*Sal hit a Rocket Dropper on Crazy.
*Crazy hit a Sit Down Body Slam and hit two moonsaults then hit a Plancha on Big Sal. Crazy missed the Trifecta Moonsault on Guido.
*Guido hit a Tomakazi.
*Crazy hit a Crazy Bomb for the win.Grade:A-

Dudley Boyz vs. Spike Dudley& Balls Mahoney
*Bubba Ray gorrila press slamed Spike into the ring from the rampway.
*Spike hit a swinging Bulldog on Bubba Ray Dudley.
*D-Von hit Spike with the timekeeper's bell.
*Bubba Ray hit Balls with a street sign then hit Spike with it.
*Bubba Ray shredded Balls skin with a cheese grater.
*Balls hits a Superkick and hits Bubba Ray with a cheese grater.
*Spike jump off a 20 foot guardrail on to the Dudley's.
*Bubba Ray hit a Super Sit Down Bubba Bomb on Spike and D-Von hit a Powerbomb Balls.
*Balls and Spike hit simaltenous neckbreakers.
*Spike hit a Swinging Bulldog and Balls hit a Ball Breaker.
*Balls hit a Nutcracker Suite and Spike hit a Acid Drop on Bubba Ray.
*Balls and Spike blocked 3D with a schoolboy and a small package for the win.
*D-Von and Bubba Ray hit 3D on Balls.
*D-von powerbombed Spike through a flaming table. Bubba Ray dropped Balls on his neck.
New Jack beat up Bubba Ray and D-Von with a trashcan full of weapons.Grade:A

Taz vs. Yoshiro Tajiri
*Tajiri hit a Back Handspring Elbow.
*Tajiri hit a Asai Moonsault into the crowd on Tajiri.
*Taz blocks the Taruntula with a Double Leg Slam.
*Taz hits a Belly2Back Tazplex.
*Taz hits a Overhead Head and Arm Tazplex.
*Tajiri gave the lethal kick combo.
*Taz hit Jack Victory hit him with a wheel chair.
*Taz hit a sit down powerbomb on the rampway.
*Taz high cradle Tazplex through a table.
*Taz locked on the Tazmission with barbed wire for the no contest.Grade:B-

Tommy Dreamer& Francine vs. Steve Corino *Francine hit a Bronco buster.
*Dreamer punched Corino and Francine hit a swinging DDT on Corino for the win.

Rob Van Dam& Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible& Lance Storm
*Jerry Lynn and Credible do Tombstone Reversals.
*Lynn slingshoted Credible over the rope on to Storm.
*RVD and Storm do some great chain wrestling.
*RVD hits a monkey flip on Lance Storm.
*Storm roll threw and locks a half crab on RVD.
*RVD missed a enziguri then hit a sidekick on Storm.
*Credible hits Lynn with the cane.
*Credible drove a chair in to Lynn with his knee.
*Credible hits a sit down powerbomb out of the corner on Lynn.
*Storm nsiled a superkick on Lynn.
*Credible hit a Outsider's Egde.
*Lynn dropkicked a chair into Storm face.
*Lynn DDT Credible into the chair.
*RVD hit a double underhook facefirst piledriver on Storm.
*RVD hit a leaping sidekick on Storm.
*RVD nailed a backflip and dropkicked a chair into Storm's face.
*RVD hits a apron dive spinning legdrop on to Storm who had a chair on his back while he was laying on the guardrail.
*Lynn super bulldogged Credible on the rampway.
*RVD hit a somersault off the guardrail onto Storm.
*Credible hit a Inverted DDT on the rampway on Lynn.
*RVD hit a corkscrew leg drop on Storm.
*Storm hits his Spinkick from the Top Rope.
*RVD hit the tumbling senton while a chair was on Storm.
*RVD droptoehold Storm on a chair.
*Sabu comes in and hits a Triple Jump Splash Suicida onto Credible who was on bridged table.
*RVD hit a five star frog splash accidentally on Lynn.
*RVd hits a Van Daminator on Storm then Lynn hit his Cradle Piledriver on Storm for the win.Grade:A-


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