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ECW Classic Matches

Cyberslam 96' Sabu vs. Too Cold Scorpio(TV Title)
*Sabu hits Air Sabu.
*Sabu hit a chairvault into a somersault over the rope and into the crowd on to Too Cold Scorpio.
*Sabu hit a slingshot knee drop.
*Scorpio hits a powerbomb with authority.
*Scorpio hits a Leg Drop from the Top.
*Scorpio bulldogged Sabu into a chair.
*Sabu puts Scorpio face into a chair.
*Sabu hits a chairvault clothesline taking them both out of the ring.
*Sabu hit a apron dive somersault on Scorpio.
*Sabu hit a slingshot kick.
*Scorpio hit a superkick.
*Sabu blocks a Tiger Driver with a Victory Roll on Scorpio.
*Scorpio put on a variation surfboard.
*Sabu hit a slingshot somersault legdrop.
*Scorpio hit a super high Moonsault.
*Sabu hit a Arabian Facebuster.
*Sabu hit a Arabian Press with a chair on Scorpio's stomach.
*Scorpio hit Tombstone Slam then a Backward Splash.
*Scorpio hit a Sunset flip from the Top.
*Sabu hit a victory roll from the top.
*Sabu hit Tope through the Second Rope.
*Sabu puts on a Juji Gatame.
*Sabu blocked a Somoan Drop with a armdrag to the outside.
*Sabu hit a dangerous Asai Moonsault.
*Sabu put a table in the crowd and put Scorpio on it. Sabu then hit a Triple Jump Somersault on the table. Scorpio had moved.
*Sabu blocked a Docter Bomb with a hurricanrana.
*Sabu hit a Moonsault Press.
*Sabu missed a Moonsault.
*Scorpio hit a Powerbomb then "Dropped the Bomb".
*Scorpio hit a Rock Bottom then put a chair on Sabu's face and hit a Leg Drop off the Top on to Sabu's face.
*Sabu hits a Top Rope Rana.
*Scorpio hits a Scorpio Splash.
*Sabu puts a chair on Scorpio's face and hits a springboard spinning legdrop.
*Sabu then hits a slingshot somersault legdrop on Scorpio who had a chair on his face.
*The bell rang for the 30 minute time limit.

ECW Arena 96' Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera 2/3 falls
First Fall
*Rey puts on a surfboard type manuever.
*Rey puts on a STF.
*Guerrera hits a suplex.
*Rey hits a hurricarana off the top.
*They hit a sunset flip reversals.
*Rey and Guerrera go into a test of strength. Rey rolls through. Guerrera attempts a back heel trip. Rey hits a monkey flip, and the Knuckle lock still remained. Rey attempts a back heel trip. Guerrera gets back up and puts on a victory roll.
*Rey hits a tilt-a-whirl into a hurricarana.
*Rey hits a double tilt-a-whirl head scissors.
*Rey hits a Arabian Press Suicida.
*Rey hits a sunset flip from the Top.
*Guerrera hit a Brainbuster.
*Guerrera hit a springboard somersault dropkick.
*Guerrera hits a Dragon Suplex for the first fall.
Second Fall
*Rey hit a huracanrana.
*Rey hit a Leaping Rana on to Guerrera who was on the apron.
*Rey used referee as a springboard and somersaulted on to Guerrera who was outside.
*Rey hit a powerbomb.
*Rey hit a quebrada.
*Rey dropkicked Guerrera who was coming off the top.
*Rey hit a Docter Bomb for the second fall.
Final Fall
*Guerrera hits a dropkick.
*Guerrera dropkick Rey on the top rope knocking him to the outside.
*Guerrera hit a baseball slide then hit a Asai Moonsault into the crowd.
*Guerrera hit a springboard spinning heel kick.
*Rey catches Guerrera off the top with a powerbomb.
*Rey gets a northern lights suplex.
*Guerrera hits a press fallaway slam.
*Rey hit a baseball slide into a headscissors.
*Rey hit a springboard somersault plancha into the second row.
*Guerrera powerbombed Rey on the hood of a car.
*Rey then hit a Leaping Rana off the car.
*Guerrera went for a Powerbomb off the second rope, but Rey turned it into a hurricanrana for the win.
*After Rey Ligerbombed Guerrera through a table.

(TNN)Yoshiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy(Mexican Death Match)
*Tajiri puts Crazy in the tree of woe then baseball slides three chairs into his face.
*Tajiri threw chairs at Crazy and he ducked.
*Tajiri put Super Crazy on a table. Then hit a Double Stomp off the Top Rope. The table didn't break.
*Tajiri hit another Double Stomp off the Top Rope. This time the table broke.
*Crazy hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then a Top Rope Quebrada.
*Crazy put Tajiri on a table in the crowd. Then moonsaulted off the bleachers on to him.
*Crazy hit the 10 punches in the corner twice in a row.
*Tajiri hit a back handspring elbow.
*Crazy crouched Tajiri on the rope and hit a spinning heel kick off the top rope to his back.
*Tajiri locked on the Tarantula.
*Tajiri hit a German Suplex.
*Tajiri hit a kneecap dropkick.
*Tajiri baseball slided Crazy into the crowd. Then hit a Asai Moonsault.
*Tajiri put a table on the second rope.
*Crazy hit a Missle Dropkick.
*Crazy put another table in the ring.
*Tajiri drove the ring wrench into Crazy's mouth.
*Tajiri sat on the table and spit the green mist. He jump at Crazy caught him and powerbombed him through the other table for the win.

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