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DWL Wrestling

Title Holders
TV Title- Beast
Cruiserweight- Cyclopz
U.S.A Heavyweight- Sinister
World Tag Team Champions- Skull Tron
World Heavyweight- Smoke


Sinister- Sinister DDT Spawn- Dark Side Down Flip Wolverine- Wolverine Splash Slash Suicide- Suicide Powerbomb Sabertooth- Rotted Tooth Beast- Beastly Workout Sauron- Wings a float Magneto- Magnetism Ice Man- Freezer Skull- Dive of Death Long Arm- Death Choke Slam The Foot- Caution Pinkel Penny- Family Jewels Masked Marvel- Mask Drop Cyclops- Slama Bajamboree Cyclopz- High Planet Smoke- Massacre Kevin Nash- Jacknife Powerbomb Scott Stiener- Frakenstiener Hulk Hogan- Atomic Legdrop wolfe- Hollywood Jam Gorilla- Gorilla Drop Tser- Tser Drop Axel- Press Slam Into Cutter Cameloen- Electric I Lighting- Sockelbow Tazertooth- 3D-Flip King Pain- Sweet Shin Music Exucutioner- Spin Collide Driver

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