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Attitude Moves

Finishers Rock Bottom R- f,b,d,TU TU- f,b,P Stunner R- f,b,d,TU Mandible Claw R- f,b,d,TU G- f,b,d,P Downward Spiral R- u,d,K Lo Down T- (TUBLK) Tombstone Piledriver R- u,u,d,TU Money Shot T- (KP) Stretch Armstrong B- f,b,K Famouser R- f,b,d,P X-Factor R- u,d,P (All from Gamepro)

Trademarks People's Elbow RA- K Piledriver TU- f,b,d,TU Double-Arm DDT R-f,b,d,P Dragon Suplex B- f,d,P Sky High R- u,d,K Choke Slam TU- f,b,P Valplex TU- f,P Crazylegs G- f,b,TU Butt Kisser C- u,u,K Bronco Buster C-u,d,P

Trademarks done in yellow
Finishers done in red

Moves Order
Rock, Stone Cold, Mankind, Edge, D'LO, Kane, Val Venis, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, X-Pac

Moves from the WWF Attitude for the Warzone site

Rock (R)Rock Bottom-b,b,d,P(TU)Rock Bottom-b,b,u,TU Mankind (R)Mandible Claw-f,b,d,P Edge (R)Downward Spiral-u,b,u,P Val Venis (T)Money Shot-b,b,u,TU Boss Man (TU)BossMan Slam-b,u,TU Stone Cold (R),(TU)Stunner-b,u,b,K Shamrock Trademark(G)Ankle Lock-b,b,K HHH (R)Pedigree-b,d,b,K Al Snow (TU)Snow Plow-b,d,p Undertaker (R)Tombstone-u,u,d,TU Trademark(TU)Choke Slam-f,b,P Goldust (C)Shattered Dreams-u,u,P Trademark(B)Curtain Call-b,d,TU

ECW GAME POSSIBILITIES Wrestler List- Taz, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Jerry Lynn, Roadkill, Balls Mahoney, Tajiri, Super Crazy, Steve Corino, Spike Dudley, Buh Buh Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, New Jack, Little Guido, Lance Storm, Justin Credible, and Super Nova.

Match Options- Steel Cage, Barbed Wire, I Quit, Table Match, Falls Count Anywhere, and Weapons Match.

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