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Coca-Cola Jokes
Coca-Cola Jokes
Okay, so they are not the best jokes you or I have ever heard, but they meet the only criteria to be featured in Rob's Coke Room - they're related to Coke! The list is a little short, though, so if you know of a Coca-Cola joke that I do not have listed below, please email it to me. Aside from the opportunity of adding it to this page, I can always go for a great joke!

The Plane Crash
A planeload of Pepsi was flying over the darkest, deepest part of Africa. The engine developed trouble and the plane went down. The Pepsi company sent out a rescue team to find the Pepsi and the crew. The rescuers found the wreckage, but there was no sign of the Pepsi or the crew. Finally they came upon a cannibal village. They asked the chief if he had seen the crew and the Pepsi. The chief said"Yep, we ate the crew and drank the Pepsi." The rescuer said "My gosh, did you eat their arms?""Yep, we ate the arms and washed them down with the Pepsi.""And did you eat their legs?""Yep, we ate their legs and washed them down with the Pepsi."The rescuer then said:"I hate to ask you, but did you eat their--you know--things?" Chief said: "Heck no, Things go better with Coke."

Typical Blonde Joke
A blonde walks up to a Coke machine and puts in a coin. Out pops a Coke. The blonde looks amazed and runs away to get some more coins. She returns and starts feeding the machine madly and of course the machine keeps feeding out drinks. Another person walks up behind the blonde and watches her antics for a few minutes before stopping her and asking if someone else could have a go. The blonde spins around and shouts: "Can't you see I'm winning?"

Three Little Pigs
A pig went into McDonalds, got a Coke, went to the restroom and left. A second pig went into McDonalds, got two Cokes, went to the bathroom and left. A third pig went into McDonalds, got three Cokes, and was about to leave, when the man at the counter asked, “Why didn't you go to the restroom like the other pigs?” The pig replied, “Because I'm the pig that goes ‘Wee Wee Wee’ all the way home!”

The Blonde and the Librarian
A blonde walks into a library and shouts "I'LL HAVE A COKE PLEASE." The librarian says, "This is a Library." The blonde says, "Yes I know. I'LL HAVE A COKE PLEASE." And the librarian says, one more time, "This is a library Miss." The blonde goes "Oh," and whispers, "I'll have a Coke please!"

Pepsi Drinkers Wallpapering
How many Pepsi drinkers does it take to wallpaper a room? It depends on how thinly you slice them.

Oh, God, No
Three clergymen were sitting in a boat, fishing. "I'm thirsty," said the first. "I'm gonna go get myself a Coke." So he got out of the boat, walked across the water, and came back with his Coke. "Ooh, that looks good," said the second and got out of the boat. He walked across the water, got his Coke, and came back. "You're right," said the third. "I think I'll get one too." He steps out of the boat and sinks like a rock. "Hey," said the first clergyman to the second, "should we tell him where the rocks are?"

Pop Goes the Blonde
A man notices a blonde sucking on the bottom of a Coke can. Curious, he asks her what she's doing. "Duh! It says for best taste drink by date on the bottom."

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