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GuitarCodex v.2.1 GuitarCodex  is a guitar applet for players of all levels. You can use it as a tablature chord dictionary and more. GuitarCodex allows you to see chords, scales and displays associated guitar chords in a graphical representation. 
Using the mouse, fingerings can be made by clicking on the fingerboard.

(Last modified: 16-Sep-01 13:57 )

New feature:  
Reverse chords implemented.

New feature: 
Mouse position note info.


More applets

GuitarCodex 1.1

Basic guitar chord finder without scales.

Basic chord finder  without graphical representation using checkboxes.

Your browser is completely ignoring the <APPLET> tag!

To install, download the file and save it to the required directory. There are no special system requirement. You just need a java-enabled browser. GuitarCodex is freeware and may be freely distributed.

Specifying Parameters:

<APPLET code = "GuitarCodex.class" archive ="guitarcodex_v2.jar" 
width =
"530" height = "505"></APPLET>


GuitarCodex_v2.jar (74KB)


Bug fixed: Whenever tuning has been changed "before" selecting any chord, the tuning returned to standard tuning.