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Road Construction Detours


Fortunately, this road construction above is now OLD NEWS!!!


FROM M-59 EAST HEADING WEST                 

If you are traveling on M-59 from the East (Rochester area or I-75) heading West....

Follow M-59 past the silverdome at Opdyke Rd.

M-59 will vear to the right, then back to the left and you will come a street light...

Go straight through that light & the next street & light will be Wide Track...

Go straight through Widetrack (see above map) and you will come to a stop sign which is Mill Street with Clutch Cargo's on the corner, Turn left on Mill Street then make a right onto Huron

Follow Huron past the first light which is Perry to the 2nd light which is Saginaw...

Look to your left on the Southwest Corner of Huron & Saginaw for Bo's Brewery.

Proceed straight through the light and make a left hand turn into the large parking lot adjacent to Bo's Brewery & Bistro. 


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