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BO's Brew-House Information

  1. BO's BEERS are 100% brewed in our custom-designed Brew-house here at 51 N. Saginaw.  The Copper-Clad 15bbl brew kettles are easily visible through the plate-glass windows at the front of our building.  During brewing operations, the pleasant aroma of barley & hops fills the air inside and outside our facility.

  2. BO's custom beer cooler, the six, 15bbl stainless steel serving tanks are chilled to the proper temperature to produce the best taste.

  3. All 32 of BO's tap handles are directly connected to our two full-length, custom bars into the serving tanks in our Beer Cooler, to assure the freshest, best tasting beer in town.

  4. Note:  BO's house-brewed beers are served from 24 tower-mounted taps;  BO's own Root Beer is served from two additional taps;  with the balance of the serving taps reserved for our guest beers & ciders.



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