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Entrée Selections 

8-way cut free range chicken parts

bulletItalian Roast- Parmesan seasoned breadcrumbs & slow roasted
bulletGarlic Roast- rubbed w/ fresh garlic & herbs then flash roasted
bulletRotisserie Style- rubbed in a blend of spicy herbs & roasted rotisserie style
bulletCajun Roast- coated in Cajun spices & flash roasted for juiciness
bulletBBQ- basted generously w/ our top secret homemade sauce & grilled
bulletPan Fried- country style in seasoned flour & fried by hand

Boneless skinless chicken breast selections

bulletLemon Grilled- lemon marinade & grilled w/ citrus veloute’
bulletCountry Style- stuffed w/ roasted red pepper, garlic, & cheese w/ Dijon mustard sauce  ($1.00 pp)
bulletPicatta- sautéed w/ garlic, white wine, mushrooms, & artichokes in a chicken veloute’ sauce
bulletTosca- pan-fried in a garlic & Parmesan cheese egg batter w/ fresh parsley & herbs
bulletParmesan- breaded in Italian breadcrumbs & sautéed w/ tomato sauce & cheeses
bulletKiev- stuffed w/ herb butter, breaded, & sautéed. Served w/ light supreme sauce
bulletCordon Bleu- old classic!! stuffed w/ smoked ham & Imported Swiss cheese w/ sauce
bulletCajun Blackened- dusted in Cajun spices & seared over a cast iron skillet
bulletPesto Stuffed- airline breast of chicken (bone-in) stuffed w/ homemade pesto & baked ($.75 pp)


bulletRoast Pork Loin- seasoned in a garlic rub & slow roasted w/ natural juices
bulletGrilled Pork Chops- butter Mesquite –or- lemon pepper grilled chops
bulletBaked Dearborn Ham- 2X smoked Bone-in then carved ham w/ pineapple glaze
bulletTeriyaki Tenderloin- marinated in teriyaki & citrus juice & pan seared, sliced thin  ($1.00 pp)
bulletPinwheel Stuffed- spinach & pimento –or- bread stuffing, butcher tied, seared, & sliced  ($1.00 pp)
bulletAssorted Pork Sausages & Grilled Peppers- (bratwurst, kielbasa, Polish sausage, etc.)
bulletCountry Ribs- pork Ribs lightly smoked then oven baked w/ our house BBQ sauce



(Certified Angus Available Upon Request At Market Price)

bulletTop Round of Beef- slow roasted beef w/ fresh mushroom blend & brown sauce
bulletPrime Rib of Beef- ribeye Roast w/ garlic & herb crust and homemade Au Jus  ($3.95 pp)
bulletRoasted Beef Tenderloin- brushed w/ our house dijonnaise sauce & grilled perfectly  ($5.95 pp)