Corporate Events

Your Company Deserves the Best . .
. . . That Means The Music Man DJs.

Who Are We?

The Music Man is Miami's most popular corporate entertainment service.

We don't have any part-time DJs. Our people host music shows for a living. They know the music, know the microphone and know how to make a show shine.

When performance counts, we're the ones to count on.

We've Got the Goods.

We're equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems. We've invested more than $25,000 in high-end professional equipment in the past two years to provide the best digital audio sound in Miami Florida

Special effects? Sure. Our trussed lighting system can hold up to 18 lighting fixtures, and produce a dazzling show.

We can add fog, confetti cannons, limousine service and video taping.

Our music library is the best available. Our CD library grows by 200 songs per month. We subscribe to the Radio Programming and Management Miami Florida music service, which is also used by top radio stations to get the best music even before it hits the record store shelves.

We evaluate and test every song and log it into our custom computer database. We know what popular songs bring a party to life, and which ones are best played on a car stereo. We even catalog the songs with questionable content, so we can avoid the stuff that might turn your dance into a tension convention.

It's Your Event... We Just Make It Great!

We listen to your needs, understand the tone you want to set, and make it happen. That's why we're the Mid-Atlantic's fastest-growing entertainment company.

Compare The Music Man DJs to any other entertainment provider in Miami

  The Music Man Others
Will Play Your Special Songs & Requests YES .
Understands the Importance of Slow Songs YES .
Comprehensive Inventory of 90's Music YES .
Original Artists, Providing the "Sound" You Expect YES .
Complete Lighting & Special Effects Packages YES .
Broadcast-quality Master-of-Ceremonies YES .
Takes Periodic Breaks During Performance NO .
All Digital, High-Power Sound Systems YES .
Economical, &One Price& Package Available Read on... .

The Full-Meal Deal

Shop around. Talk to some other DJs, maybe a couple of agencies, and a band or two.

You won't find a better deal than the one we're about to offer.

We'll provide:

  • Five full hours of show time.
  • A DJ. Not just any DJ... A Music Man DJ (nobody can match that at any price).
  • A digital-source, four-speaker sound system rated at 1,200 watts.
  • A full clear-span special effects lighting system with your choice of fog, a confetti cannon, limousine service, or video taping
  • The best current music selection available.
  • We'll even show-up in a tux.
  • And we'll do it for less than $1,000!

At that price, availability is strictly first-come, first-served.


Ready to Get Set?

Call us at PH.(305)220-6669 or BP.(305)584-0011 to confirm date availability.

If we're available, we can FAX , email, or mail you a contract.

Send it to us with a deposit.


You chose wisely.