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Quotes from 3 William Sleator books!

"It made me wonder about their interperitation of the IRSC. Maybe they had it all backward, and the higher numbers were better after all-" -Barney- Interstellar Pig.

"The lever moves. There is a dull pop, and a bright flash. Two identical yellow and blue tropical fish fall off the platform and writhe miserably on the floor." -Danny- The Duplicate

"At first it had seemed completely plain, with no markings on it at all. Now, studying it closely, Tycho could just make out a series of thin, barely visible lines etched on the end, that looked like dials. And then on the opposit end now appeared to be a slightly different color from the rest. It seemed to have a faint greenish tint." -Tycho- The Green Futures of Tycho