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Thanks to...

I, Warren Hiltz, owner and operator of the Canadian Shortline & Regional Photo Gallery, would like to thank the following people, publications, etc. for their help. "Exclusive source" under photographers denotes that my site is the only place on the net to get these photographs.


These are the folks who have allowed me to display their photos on my site, for which I am very grateful. "Exclusive source" denotes that my site is the only place on the net to get these photographs. Links to their sites ate provided where available.

Jonny Barnsdorf
Colin Birch
Steven J. Brown
Kenneth Buckman
Bill Creswell
Adrian D'Astous
Pierre D'Astous
Paul Duncan
Peter Duns
Ted Ellis
Denis Fortier
Chris Hall
Paul Hammond
Gerald Harper
Mark Heiden
Warren Hiltz
Pete Kovanda
Les Kozma
Ken Jones
Paul Jones
Luc Lanthier
Ian G. Mathers
Chris Mawdsley
Conn McCarthy
Sam McLauchlan
E.D. Motis
David Othen
Pat Othen
Geoff Peters
Claude Prutton
Stephen J. Reeves (exclusive source)
Larry G. Russell
Greg Sherwood
Gord E. Smith
Paul J. Crozier Smith
Shane Stewart
Rolf Stumpf (exlcusive source for Rolf's EMD photos)
Brian D. Switzer
Ron Tomyn (exclusive source)
Michel Tremblay
Neil Walker
Gary Zuters


Some of these are magazines, other books, and of course, people.

Peter Duns
Ken Jones
Steve Jones
Glenn Migneault
Earl Roberts
All of the members of the BruceRys Mailing List
All of the members of CNET
All of the members of the Shortline Mailing List
Branchline Magazine Canadian Railway Modeler
Canadian Trackside Guide
Extra 2200 South Magazine
Railfan & Railroad Magazine
Trains Magazine

General Thanks

My parents, for not making me do my homework before going online
My parents again, for supporting my inane attempts to find abandoned tracks and such
My friends Megan and Colin, for not making fun of me for liking trains
Angelfire, Tripod, and TheGlobe for giving me the room for my page
The visitors to my site, for their gratitude and support