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Esquimalt & Nanaimo

Rail America purchased the Port Alberni to Nanaimo, BC section of CP's Vancouver Island lines, and leased the rest, reincarnating the E&N from a paper line to a real railroad. Startup occured on January 8, 1999 and VIA Rail service on the lines is continuing. The possibility of dinner trains, maybe even steam powered, is being discussed.

Road #'s        Bldr.   Model       In Service     Previous Owner
1001 EMD GP10 1 ex-Kiamichi 2099 EMD GP20 1 ex-RaiLink 3809 EMD GP38 1 ex-Minnesota Northern 3870 EMD GP38 1 ex-E&N 344 3876-3877 EMD GP38 2 ex-E&N 2796, 2813