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The Barrie-Collingwood Railway runs 30.4 miles from Barrie, ON to Collingwood, ON. Interchange is made with CP at the newly constructed yard at Utopia. Interchange formerly took place at CN's MacMillan Yard in Toronto. The line from Utopia to Barrie is owned by the City of Barrie and the line from Utopia to Collingwood is owned by the Town of Collingwood. The railroad switches at Barrie on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and makes the run to Collingwood on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Main customers include National Starch & Chemical, Molson Breweries, and Bentofix Technoligies. Operation is contracted to Cando Contracting of Brandon, MB.
The City of Barrie recently purchased the former CN Newmarket subdivision from Barrie to Bradford with the intent of operating RDCs on that line. Plans to run RDCs from Barrie to Collingwood are also in the works. Whether this is intended to be a commuter project, or a tourist project is not known. GO Transit operates commuter trains to Bradford, so a connection could be made there if desired. Major trackwork will be needed before the line between Barrie and Collingwood is safe for passenger train operation though. The line has not seen maintenance in several years and the speed limit is 10 mph.

I will be happy to answer any questions at all regarding the BCRY, its history, operations, equipment, crew, etc. If you wish to write to me click here.

Track & Customers

The Barrie-Collingwood currently uses a Cando Contracting GP9 and a RoadRailer to conduct it's operations.

Road #        Bldr.   Model       Previous Owner
1001 EMD GP9 ex-Ohio Central #94