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Bugs Bunny's Quotes

Bugs Bunny was created in 1940 and has appeared in nearly 200 animated shorts then. He has said hundreds of funny lines. Here are a few of them:

Daddy!  You're back from Peru!  We thought 
you got run over by a elevator! (Rabbit's 
Feat, 1960)

Confidentially-I AM a wabbit! (A Wild 

Well whaddya expect in an opera, a happy 
ending? (What's Opera Doc, 1957)

Sir Loin of Beef, Earl of Cloves, Baron of 
Munchausen, Milk of Magnesia, Quarter of Ten 
. . . (Rabbit Hood, 1949)

Ya know, some day scientists are gonna invent 
something that will outsmart a rabbit. (Robot 
Rabbit, 1953)

Ask me to weave? What about you?  Where's 
your ticket? (Box Office Bunny, 1990)

Be vewwy vewwy quiet, We're hunting Elmers.  
(Rabbit Fire, 1951)

I am Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire, I own a 
mansion and a yacht. (Hare Brush, 1955)

No use changn' all the history books just for 
lil' ol' me! (Hare We Go, 1951)

I know lotsa things.  I know that two and two 
is four, that George Washington was the foist 
president, that Carson City is the capital of 
Nevada (Bugs and Thugs, 1954)

The fun you can have with a bunch of old 
rocks and a can of yellow paint. (Bonzana 
Bunny, 1959)

You might Rabbit, You might. (Bugs and Thugs, 
Hansel? (Bewitced Bunny, 1954)

So long Sammi!  See you in Miami! (Bugs Bunny 
Rides Again, 1947)

Next! (The Rabbit of Seville, 1951)