The Different Types Of Penises

The Magnum Penis
Can you remember your first one?

The Huyandai Penis
All day, every day

The M&M Penis
Melts in your mouth, not in your hand

The Just Juice Penis
Just squeeze

The Yellow Pages Penis
Let your penis do the walking

The Sprite Penis
Obey your thirst

The Toyota Penis
Oh! What a feeling!

The Steve Erkel Penis
Did I do that?

The Coca-Cola Penis
Always the real thing

The American Express Penis
Don't leave home without it

The Microsoft Penis
Where does it want to go today?

The Julius Caesar Penis
Vidi, vici, veni. (I saw, I conquered, I came.)

The Energizer Penis
Just keeps going and going and going

The Cadbury Penis
A glass and a half full of cream

The Nike Penis
Just do it

The Jay's Penis
Bet ya can't eat just one!

The Maxwell House Penis
Good to the last drop

The Almond Joy Penis
Sometimes you feel like a nut...

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