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Click here to see a preview of my new project, a 72' 650 Tiger

Finally, I have an updated photo of the bike. Now you can get an idea of where my project is heading...

The pics. that are on this page so far are my "before" pictures of my 69' 500 Triumph. I have everything but the paint done."UPDATE 2/24/00, Shit Happens...Paint may be awhile, not gonna promise anything at this point."
So far I have done a complete rebuild of the motor/trans. from the bottom to the top. The jugs were bored to .40 over, the head was taken in and rebuilt, I replaced all bearings in the motor and transmission. Also replaced in the trans. were the shift forks, shift plate, a new gear, and the kicker pawl.
As far as the frame goes, it was stripped sand-blasted and had some grinding done to it. I removed the tank and the rear fender, and put in their place a 3.5 gal fat-bob tank and a fat-bob fender. I also got rid of the seat and am going to put on a rigid solo saddle.
I changed both the front and rear wheels, I relaced the rear hub to a 16" drop center rim with stainless spokes, and bought a 21" front open spool wheel to put on the freshly re-plated springer.
Update, 07/23/2006, new photos will be posted soon, bike is done running and kicks ass. paint is simple, spray on bedliner black. Will post when I get time.
If you have any questions or comments please send an e-mail or sign my guestbook. I hope to add more to this page, like pics of youre projects or other if you have any pics of on-going projects send them this way and I'll try to make a new section for them.
Thanks again for surfin in........Shawn

Note, this is just the start of my page, it will get bigger and better, so just be patient, and if you have any suggestions for my page or my bike, e-mail me or leave a message in my guestbook.......

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