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From left to right: Roarca, female lioness..Vulcan..male tiger, and Snowbear the white tigress. We help Fantysa determine who comes to this page..please don't steal her cuz Silverphoenix made her for me..and if you steal her, Fantysa will track you down with her magical powers and start draining memory from your be careful what you do..and don't get lost...hehehaha

This is my relka, Moonstar, who is another guardian for my page. I got him from Vestacia too..infact, im in charge of them..go to the link where my tivit is and just go from there..this is my only guardian that can fly, so beware.

This is my tivit. I got him from Vestacia. You can go get one yourself...Silverphoenix drew them herself. My tivit's name is Zazuau. He will do the most damage to you then any other guardian on this page. He will not only track you down if you take something or do something bad, he will make sure that you never get to my page again!!! hahaha
Click on my half to go to my best friend's page Princess Ashley

Click on my half to go to my very good friend Silverphoenix(Drame should be there somewhere)