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I'll miss you Grandma

This page is dedicated to my Grandmother. She was a wonderful lady, but she passed away in 1993. Everybody in my family misses her so i decided to make a page and dedicate it to her. I will have pictures of her soon on my page, but all i have is words that tell you about her, and a song that reminds us alot of her. She had an angelic voice, and she loved God with all her heart. She loved her family dearly especially me which loved her even more then anyone else in my family. We are all going to miss her. She will be remembered forever.

Your Guardian Angel
I Wish I Could Hold You In My Arms,
So You Could Feel All My Love.
A Love Which Comes From A Guardian Angel,
Who Watches Over You, From Above.
When Your Heart Is Sad, And Feeling Weary,
Just Know That I Am Right Here.
And Even In Your Darkest Moments,
Feel My Love Embrace You, And Hold You Near.
If You Believe In The Love I Have To Give You,
Then Your Heart Will Never Be Alone.
For I Will Always Be Here With Love And Caring,
And Cherish Your Heart, As Though It Were My Own.

This is a poem i got of the net that reminded me of my grandmother...

This is a picture of my grandmother. She was a very sweet lady with a beautiful smile.

On my Grandmother's Tombstone she has a verse...Isaiah 57:1 which says-The righteous perishes, and no man takes it to heart; Merciful menare taken away, While no one considers That the righteous is taken away from evil.

That was her favorite verse...she will be missed dearly. You all have a guardian angel looking down on you matter what...I Love You Grandma...and never forget that..xoxoxo

go here if you need a guardian angel