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            How, Where, and Why you can use Sounds!


     Chat Room Sounds

Here is a view of the format for making the sound work!
What you need to type to inject the sound to the users PC!
What all users in the chat room would hear, or at least those with sound cards, and there speakers turned on:
Click it and open it to hear!

It is important that you use it exactly as above with this type of " { " bracket, and not this " [ " bracket!

Also the " S " has to be in the upper case form, with the space between the sound you want to send! Also use only all upper or lower case for sound!

Sound Files
You can send any sound files that you, and the other users have in there AOL directory!
For a list of these files names you will need to look in:
C:\AOL30\ or C:\AOL40\

AOL main directory, or folder, not the sub-directories!
Use any files with the .wav extension on the end!

Table #1: Standard Files(all users)
File NameLine to Send
drop.wav{S drop
filedone.wav{S filedone
goodbye.wav{S goodbye
gotmail.wav{S gotmail
im.wav{S im
welcome.wav{S welcome

Table #2: Buddy List Files
(all users with bud sounds activated)
File NameLine to Send
doorbell.wav{S doorbell
doorslam.wav{S doorslam

These will also work in Chat Rooms!

You may also add a  " } "  bracket to the end of your sound line too add a phrase to your sound!
Example: {S welcome} Welcome to our chat room!

Remember all users will need to enable there chat room sounds by editing there Preferences, which you can find under your Members drop down menu at the top of your AOL screen! Click on either Chat, or General, and place an "X" in the correct box!


You may use Sounds in Chat Rooms, Public or Private!
To invite Buddies to your own Private Chat Room, highlite(click) there name in your buddy window.
Click on Buddy Chat, Send, and then Go!

Tip --- Chat Rooms --- Tip

You will find Buddy Chat Rooms much easier, and quicker to use then "IM's(Instant Messages) since all that is required to send your text line is to hit the enter key!
Better then trying to locate that darn mouse all the time!

Because you can(no really)!


AOL programers have threeded into there software certain code that all users install during the initial loading of there software! This code triggers the program whenever activated to play the sound file that you have in your directory for AOL on your PC.
It is your own PC that makes the sound happen!
You hear a sample of this every time you sign onto AOL!
Welcome --- You've Got Mail

For some neat tricks, and also for a change from the same old sounds that you hear when using AOL, Buddy Chats, Public Chat Rooms, Windows 3.1/95/98, or anything using these sounds, is to change the .wav's that will play when activated.

It is really quite simple to do, along with being easy to reverse anytime. This will also work with alot of games that use .wav or .mid files when running!

Click here for instructions:
This will include some wave files for your use!

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