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pWo - Pyro World Order - The Home For Hardcore Pyro Wrestling

Updated June 28th

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----------------pWo - What your parents dont want you to see----------------

Forget the costumes - Forget the ring - Forget everything! - Just hardcore that no one else could bring you - pWo is the Pyro Wrestling Organization. We are from Lincoln Park, NJ. We show you what BCW doesn't want you to see. We are wrestlers from BCW, that wanted more hardcore! We wanted things BCW couldn't handle! More FIRE, NO RULES, MORE HARDCORE! You think your HARDCORE? You think your EXTREME? pWo is HARDCORE and pWo is EXTREME! THIS is what your parents dont want you to see. THIS can cause damage to you and me. But here IT DOESN'T MATTER! We want damage to be caused, because WE ARE HARDCORE! If you are a WEAK LITTLE PANSY, THAN LEAVE RIGHT NOW BEFORE THIS CAUSES DAMAGE TO YOU!

Sick Ass Move of the Week!

This weeks sick ass move of the week goes to the man who is imfaouse for his bumbs. Yes thats right... Charlie Brown. Going back to back is the camera guy. What he did this time was pretty confusing. Outkast gave him a senton off a truck while Gunz gave him a leg drop.In reaction of OutKast's impact, his head came up and was crushed by Brian Guns heavy leg causing it to smack agiast the ground. Charlie Brown did not complain at all. He simply rolled over and moaned for a little and stayed out of the rest of the moves due to his large headache. When he got home he laid down and got sick and threw up.

"O man bri! you landed right on my head" he said not complaining. "I got this bad ass headache..." said the CB after the move

"Rock! When I got home from pWo i laid down and I geuss cuz of my headache i threw up!" He said later that evening. "Don't worry about it man, I'm fine. Thats what pWo is all about" Said the little bitch after OutKast tried to apologive. Your right Dan, thats what pWo is about. Thanks again for taking that bumb meng. You got balls for a little bizzatch.
....Last Cards....
pWo Poll!

Today I decided to put up a pole on the site for what the sickest move in pWo history is. Please only vote once. I hope you enjoy it. -Rocco


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