Shatter's Grimoire
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Shatter's Grimoire

Elemental(Fire, Earth, Air, Water) Barrier

Type: Physical
Range: Personal
Duration: Sustained
Target: 6
Damage Level: Serious
Drain: [(Force/2)+3]M
Creates a physical barrier of the appropriate element(each of the four is a different spell). The spell adds one-half of its force(round up) to his ballistic and impact rating. Also it has the appropriate elemental effect (fire can combust objects, earth will clog up machanical objects, water will soak objects and short out electricals, and Air just blows stuff around). The barrier is transparent and does not hinder vision. The barrier itself engulfs the caster(doesn't effect anything he's holding)and is Force in inches thick.

Detect Astral Presance

Type: Mana
Range: Limited
Duration: Sustained
Target: 6
Drain: [(Force/2)+1]S
Detect Astral Presence is an area-effect spell that detects a living being on the Astral Plane (i.e. Dual-natured Creatures, Spirits, Elementals, Watchers, Astrally projecting mages, etc.). It doesn't pick up non-intelligent things such as plants or Fat Airborne Bacteria (FAB).
Anything not wishing to be detected may resist the spell in an opposed test. The target number is the force of the spell (minus spirit energy, Initiation level, or Threat rating).
One net success gives the caster the general direction of the presence(s), Two successes gives the caster the general direction and number of presence(s), Three or more gives the caster the general direction, number of, and the exact distance of the presence(s).
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