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This is a where I will place all of my Shadowrun characters I have used either as a player or as a GM.


This is my catch-all NPC. He has a tendency to annoy the players at every turn. Whether he is joyriding in thier brand new Eurocars (usually trying to get the cars to flip, however unsuccessfully) or tinkering with the security system on their base of operations (setting it to go off when they show up). This kind of a character can fix/break anything. One of my favorite tactics for eliminating extra nuyen or too powerful equipment is to take something of theirs and dismantle it to make something else (i.e. a toaster).

RACE: Human
SEX: Male
AGE: 24


Body: 6
Quickness: 6
Strength: 3
Charisma: 2
Willpower: 6
Essence: 3.05
(Magic): none
Body Index: .8


    Electronics: 2
    Computer: 2
    Biotech: 2
    Computer Theory: 2
    Biology: 2
    Ground Vehicles(B/R): 3
    Aircraft(B/R): 3
    Boats(B/R): 3
    Firearms(B/R): 3
    Gunnery(B/R): 3
    Projectile(B/R): 3
    Throwing(B/R): 3
    Armed Combat(B/R): 3
    Electronics(B/R): 3
    Biotech(B/R): 3
    All Else(B/R): 3
    Vehicle Stunts: 2 (this doesn't include any skill at piloting/driving, it's just a knack at causing damage to whatever he's in)


Datajack (Level 4): .25
Softlink (Level 4): .30
Encephalon (Level 4): 1.75
Spu: Math (Level 4): .25
Chemical Analyzer (Level 6): .2
Gas Spectrometer (Level 6): .2


    Cerebral Booster (Level 2): .8


Microtronics Facility
Biotec Facility
Cybernetics Facility
Armed Combat Shop
Projectile Shop
Ground Vehicles Shop
Aircraft Shop
Boat Shop
Firearms Shop
Gunnery Shop
Throwing Weapons Shop
NOTES: He loves Twinkies and usually has a few (about a truck full) at hand. Also for some reason electricity never seems to harm him. This is a great area for some comical relief from the everyday Shadowrun. Imagine, you turn around at a strange crackling sound coming from behind you....and there is Ed with a wire plugged into the electrical outlet, duct-taped to his right hand and has a battery in his left hand! When he is finished he will tell you that the battery was a little low and needed recharging.

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