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The Battle of the Week

This is a new section to my homepage. You decide the outcome of the battle, known as "The Battle of the Week"! I shall pick two people who will get into a fight and you, the reader, must decide who will win the battle. I will give a scenario and you write to me how the battle will end. So, onto the Battle of the Week!

The Combatants:


War Machine

In our scenario, M.A.C.H.-2 is out flying, testing out his new suit. Suddenly, out from behind a cloud, a missle is fired, aimed right for his wings. With the grace of a fighter pilot, M.A.C.H.-2 swoops away and looks for his attacker. He sees War Machine hovering over him, disengaging his cloaking device. "That was a warning shot!" War Machine said smuggly, "My boss said that she wants your technology...She didn't say in what condition!"

Ok, now that you are given the scenario, give me your ending. Send the message under the title as "Battle Poll" to before June 2, 2001!