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Historical Significance of the Name Eskildsen
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The Norwegian family name Eskildsen is classified as being of personal name origin. When a name is derived from a personal name it is usually the name of the bearer's father which is adopted and transformed into a fixed hereditary family name. This name is then proudly transmitted from generation to generation, occasionally altered orthographically or abbreviated, providing a link between the living bearer of the surname and the original barer of the eponymous personal name from which the surname derives its origin., In this instance, the name originally referred to "Eskild's son". The personal name Eskild is an ancient Norse name, which means "God-helmet". "God" here refers to the "Aesir", the ancient gods of Norse mythology (Thor, Odin, Frey and others). The name Eskildsen is not necessarily particular to Norway, but is also found in various forms in the other Scandinavian countries. In Sweden, for instance, Eskil was a saint who was martyred in the year 1080 in Eskilsluna, Sweden, a town thereafter named for him.

Variants of the surname Eskildsen include Eskilsson and Eskildson. One of the earliest references to this name or to a variant is a record of one Aase Eskildsen, who was christened in Lorenskog, county of Akershus, Norway in 1718. We also find recorded the marriage of Anders Eskildsen and Kari Hasteensdatter,m which took place in Asker, Akershus in 1750. However, research is of course ongoing and this name may have been documented even earlier than the dates indicated above. During the wave of immigration which took place in the nineteenth century, this name was introduced into America. As early as in the year 1869, for instance, we find a record of the emigration of one Martin Eskildsen to New York.
Here is a description of the Medieval arms for the Name Eskildsen
Blazon of Arms: Azure, between three mullets or, a fess of the same.
Crest A mullet of the arm
Source Ref. Svenska Medeltidsvapen, p. 724
Origin Norway
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