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Who me?

If you died tomorrow, do you think you could say with confidence that you really did make a difference in the world? Go ahead and just raise your hand right where you are. Go ahead. Raise it really high (there aren't many hands up).

I wonder why you didn't think that you are making a difference right now, right were you are. Maybe it's because you aren't asking the right question. It isn't a mater of "Can I make a difference?" The truth is, you will make a difference. But what kind of difference will you make?

When I was in the ninth grade, I have to tell you, I was "it." Blond ponytail, thin, face that hadn't broken out (yet). My boyfriend was a huge basketball star. I had lots of "in" friends. My life was great. I also just happened to be the best first baseman that our school softball team had ever seen. And that's what leads me to my story...

My two best friends were great softball players too. One was the shortstop and one was the pitcher. Between the three of us, hardly anyone on the opposing teams ever even made it to first base. I'm telling you - we were good.

At then end of the season, we made it into the finals of our school's softball tournament. This was a major event at our school. The entire student body attended the game.

Cheryl was one of the star players on the opposing team. She was not a pretty sigh. She had big, sticking-out hair, a broken out face, and coke bottle glasses (of course, she had no boyfriend).

My group of friends had become experts at the sport of Cheryl - bashing. We teased her mercilessly. We never invited her to our parties (I mean, really, how could we hang out with someone like that? Our reputations would be on the line). Okay, back to the game.

Since Cheryl was as large as any two of us put together, she could really hit the softball. Really hit it. Like over the fence. Like every time. It was near the end of the game. The score was close, runners on second and third, and Cheryl came up to bat.

True to form, Cheryl hit the ball, and it flew over the back fence. Cheryl ran toward me on first base. You know how sometimes funny thoughts have a way of coming directly out of your mouth before your brain has the chance to give them clearance? It happened to me just then.

As I saw Cheryl lumbering toward me, I started singing at the top of my lungs, "I feel the earth move under my feet..." Everybody on my team thought I was halarious, so they all started singing with me as Cheryl began running the bases.

What a great moment that was for me. I was cute, popular, a great athlete with a major boyfriend, and now I was funny too! I had captured the attention of the whole student body.

I was feweling pretty important...until I saw Cheryl's face as she ran toward me. Tears were streaming down her face. I realized I had humiliated her in front of the entired school. I suddenly felt really bad. But I couldn't apologize. I had too much to lose. And besides, who was she anyway? Just some unpopular nobody girl that no one ever hung out with anyway...

Cheryl finished running the bases. She had scored the winning runs for her team. And yet, because of me, she left the game totally defeated.

I made a huge difference in Cheryl's life that day. That's power. You've got it too. What kind of difference will you make right where you are today?

By Cindy Thom