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My Friends Poem


A tear falls from a man's cheek

And hits the dusty ground

With a quiet thud.

The crowd mumbles

Things of little importance;

The weather,

Last nights pot roast.

An uniformed man

Pushes his way through the crowd,

Followed by another uniform,

And the woman,

For whom this gathering is assembled,

She hangs her head

And meets not one gaze.

They reach the center

And climb the steep stairs

To the top of the contraption.

The woman meets the man's gaze

With eyes full of sorrow.

She opens her mouth

To say one last time

How much she loves him,

And then...


The man slips away

Through the cheering crowd,

And begins to mourn

His lost love.

This poem was written by my friend Bonnie Early. She wrote this poem sometime last year, and I wanted to share it with everyone.