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Mike's Fiji Phone Card Collection

These cards were collected while I was a teacher in Fiji as a Peace Corps volunteer and later as an ex-patriot worker. Many of the rarest cards were found by my "gang" of street boys to whom I offered 10% of the face value for the blank cards they found left in telephones or in trash cans. I welcome your e-mail. However, I have limited my collecting to Fiji phone cards and do not want cards from other places.

Although I have more cards than are illustrated here, these are (in my opinion) the more attractive or interesting of my collection.


Fiji Post & Telecom

    1. Inaugural Phonecard Issue (August 1992)
    2. Scenic views (Not labeled as a series.I'm missing at least one $50 card. 1993)
    3. Fiji History Series (1994) Including a rare $50 tabua card.
    4. Fiji Culture Series (1994)
    5. Fiji Marine Life Series (I'm missing the $50 Qio card. 1995)
    6. Fiji Flower Series (1995)
    7. Suva Landmarks (1995 I don't know if a $50 card exists.)
    8. Fiji Bird Life Series (1995) and Fiji Bird Life Series 2 (1996)
    9. Save our sea turtles (1996)


  1. Iguanas (1996)
  2. Fiji Handicrafts (1996)
  3. A new look at Fiji handicrafts (Not one their best efforts, I'm afraid. 1997)


Including a picture of my favorite place, Vahi Lele (Vatu Lele). The tapa design along the side of the page is from Were Lokia on this island. Mutu Cola Vina, Bulou Inise!)

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