I was tired of my dull boring life. I needed some excitement.
I needed some pizazz!
Yes, I wanted to become a Thrill-Seeker! One of those
people you read about living life on the edge.
Although I suffer from a slight case of dyslexia, I wasn't about to let that
stand in the way of enjoying life to the full.
But what could I do to spice up my everyday existence? I sat muddled in deep
thought. Suddenly the idea came to me.
I went to the hallway and slipped on my hiking boots and laced them up. I put a
heavy sweatshirt on over my shirt and walked over to the bird cage.
I coaxed my little budgie (parakeet) out of his cage and tied one end of string
around his leg and the other end around my waist.
I opened the sliders to the balcony and climbed to the top of the railing.
We were ready. I could feel the rush of adrenaline!
Holding my little budgie to my breast, I sprang off the railing. Down we went!
What a rush!
I hit the ground and rolled onto my knees. It was awesome.
My poor little budgie had cushioned my fall but was now just a stain on my shirt.
Only I had survived. I felt heartbroken.
But I was now a real, genuine Thrill-Seeker! I had joined that elite club by surviving
my first budgie jump!


You can imagine my horror when I discovered my mistake. It was bungee jumping
that I had wanted to experience, not budgie jumping.
It had nothing to do with birds. My poor budgie!

I was determined not to let the little mishap above
slow me down. Rather, I would learn and grow from my misfortunes.
Having just returned from the pet shop with my new "friend", I feel more
than ready to pursue my ambitions.
Oh how I miss the adventure of being a Thrill-Seeker!
This time I believe I've found a more subtle form of entertainment.
We were at the beach when I placed a tiny mask and tiny fins on my
hampster. I did the same. Yes, we were ready to go Hampster Diving!
The water was clear and clean. We were having a ball. It wasn't until about an
hour into the dive that I realized my little friend had gone limp at my side.
I untied him from my side and removed his mask. It was too late. He sank to the
bottom of the lake like a rock. His poor little lungs full of water.


You can imagine my horror when I discovered my mistake. It was Dumpster Diving
that I had wanted to experience, not hampster diving!
It had nothing to do with water or hampsters. My poor hampster!
My dyslexia had reared its ugly head again.


I think I've finally found a safe form of entertainment.
That's right, dancing.
I'm heading to the pet shop right now. I can't seem to get that Elton John song
out of my mind. Crocodile Rock...........

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