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Class Act

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Hi, my name is Joe Bobzean. My stats are 5'11 155 lbs,17 years old, blondish brown hair(occasionaly dyed), brown eyes. I like to play sports, especially football is my greatest, but there's nothin but idiots who play now on the others schools such as Britton-Deerfield. I like to hang out wit my friends especially Scott Borders, he owes me a shxt load of money, George Rutledge, who has always been a good friend and has been my longest friend. I enjoy going out with my friends and partying, or occasionaly to the movies and long romantic nights with the women:). Well I'm just getting started on my page so.....

This is my football section of this page hope you like!!!!

First off I would like to tell ya about my football shxt! I played on the Varsity football team(Sand Creek Aggies) and we KICK ASS and were ranked 1st in the state in our class! I'm a senior(soon to be) and I play Wide Out (best in the county) and on defense I play cornerback(led team in inter). I play baseball and I also made Varsity baseball as a freshman 2 years ago. About my football team this year, gurantee victory for Districts and County. We'll be the team to watch and beat BD sorry ass...We are playing BD for the regional championship this Saturday, this is the game of my life and I predict to come out with a great performance.....My favorite players are Ki-Jana Carter,B.J. Armstrong, Edgerrain James, and Kobe Bryant. Well I'm just gettin started with my page I would like to send a major SHOUT OUT TO JITTY PANTS FOR HELPING ME GET STARTED!!!!I would like to say to all the people that are reading this right now. That if you want to get some more information about me sign my guestbook and ask me.

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Here iz some Kewl pics of me my skewl pic and my football pic, I hope you enjoy and sign my guestbook.

My Amazing Friends!

These people are my posse Dan Tyrrell(he's good with the girls aka "Pimp"), George Rutledge(One of my best friends since we were in third grade), Lucas Fillinger(known as "Bones"), Scott Borders(One of my best friends, cool to hang out with at all times even through the dizzy times Just needs to get a tan on his body and curl some weights bud, Oppppppppps),Josh Gritzmaker(aka JittyPants,the king of home pages), Ryan Gilbert(One who needs to lift the weights but, is still one of my good friends0), Jay Herron(he's a classic and is awesome at baseball, just met over the summer, I got the hook up holla if you hear me:)Justin Morse(One of my orignal best friends), Tim Bennett(thinks he the man, which he is not), Mark Hillard(a cool friend that has some awesome snowmobiles), Andy Etter(, Matt Bailey(Big B, future football lineman), Josh Lewis(The shit on the football field),Chris Anderson(Can whip anybody's ass and is a classic to hang with), Adam Emerson(has the best outside shot), Seth Wheaton(One of my friends that is awesome to hang out wit), Lucas Rutledge(Best friend George's little brother, funniest person I know), Leon Waltz(Known as "Stilt", Jerod Schmidt(A cool friend that needs to do more shit wit me) , Brandon Keezer, Ryan Davis, Now for my girlsRicki Pickles(we've had some good times & she's a 12), Sarah Stright(The best friend you could ever ask for, she is always there for me.I just want to say THANKS and stay with George forever, but I'll be waiting:), Kristin Dotson(weird as hell and is for sure ?, and nobody likes her at all)Stephanie Rakes(We both love each other),Stephanie Lehman(One of the best personality's I've seen), Anne Kelly(the girl of my dreams, but I wish it was the same for her. She is a great friend though and I love talking to you!!!), Angela Vaughn(girl I just met on ICQ, which hopefully soon we'll get a chance to hang out...I love talking to her, anybody who doesn't know her, you would want to...Hopefully we get to know each other better soon!!!). Dana Richards, Karen Pickard(a great ballplayer and I also miss her friendship), Amanada Amaya(Just met her from Tecumseh over the summer and is weird but, cool)Sarah Packard, Elizabeth Liedel(Crazy, use to always have a crush on but now I don't know... She a wonderful friend who needs to realize something.....),Kasie Sayler, Christina Clark(cool as fuck and is one of the better lookin girls in my school), Emily Webb(needs to go out wit me), Emily Phipps, Aubrey Rutledge(known as "Bras" craziest and sexiest girl I've ever seen ), Helena Anderson, Cate Roesler, Jessica Reed, Heather Meyer, Kate Brackney, Lisa Knierim(funniest girl you could know, very unique and powerful in her way), Jenna Allen. If I forgot anybody,let me know and sorry about it. it.

Here iz some phat pics of Kobe Bryant, my favorite playa! I've liked him since he was first drafted up until now. He is the next Michael Jordan he has everything Jordan had when he was young. Plus Kobes is only 19 years old. So he haz some years on Jordan.

Here he is again, soaring over people like usually. If you want a poster of this picture of him on the left, feel free to write me and ask me questions about it.

If you any of you want me to put you as a link let me know and sign my guestbook and I'll promise to put you as a link

Here iz my favorite supermodel and singer Mariah Carey, she's a star of Music, and a girl I meet of a chat room name Daisy. She's da bomb!!She's only 20 years old, you tell me if you think she tha best. If you want to get to know her better sign my guestbook and ask me a question about her, and I'll get back to you.