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Castiglione Accordions

Castiglione Accordions

  • 13300 E. 11 Mile Suite "A"
  • Warren, Michigan 48089-1367
  • (810) 755-6050
  • FAX 1 (810) 755-6339
  • Toll Free: 1-800-325-1832
  • Email:John Castiglione
    600 Accordions in Stock!

    Welcome to Castiglione Accordion and Distributing Company.

    ABOUT US Photos of our building, employees, work area, stock area, and newspaper articles.

    ACCESSORIES & REPAIRS  Accordion Chairs, Accordion Stands, Accordion Cases, Accordion Pick-Ups, Back Pads, Back Straps, Bass Straps, Bellows, Polishing Bar, and Stereo Cables. Complete overhauls, all kinds and types of accordions, electric or electronic. Plexiglass Keyboard Job, Chroming, Mussette Tuning, and Slovenian Tuning

    ACCORDIONS (Piano)  Bayans, Beltuna, Bugari, Burini, Bandmaster, Castiglione, Crucianelli, Excelsior, Farfisa, Guerrini, Hohner, Soprani, Sonola, Scandalli, Victoria Jet, Tryolean

    AMPLIFIERS   Polytone and Yorkville

    BAND & STRING INSTRUMENTS  Amati, Benker, Hauser, Roth, Wilfer, Winston

    BELTUNA ACCORDIONS  All models and prices!

    BUTTON BOXES/CHROMATIC ACCORDIONS  Delicia, Hlavacek, Hohner, Karntnerland, Melodija, Novak, Soprani, Strasser, Tyroleon, Zupan

    CASTIGLIONE ACCORDIONS  We make our own accordions. Many styles, types and prices!

    CONCERTINAS & BANDONEON  Anglos, Bastari & Wheatstone, Electronic & M.I.D.I., English & Polka, Gutjahr, Jeffries, Lachenal, Star, Stagi

    CUSTOMIZE  Make, on request, any kind of accordion

    EXCELSIOR ACCORDIONS  All models and prices!

    HARPS, STRINGS, & MARTIN GUITARS  Various models and prices!

    HOHNER ACCORDIONS  All models and prices!

    M.I.D.I. ACCESSORIES  Music Tech, MIDI Bass, and Orla

    M.I.D.I. ACCORDIONS  Beltuna, Castiglione, Excelsior, Master, Scandali, Tyrolean, and others

    ORGAN ACCORDIONS  Castiglione, Elkavoxs, Cordovoxs, Hohners, Scandali, New & Used

    TEX-MEX ACCORDIONS  A large variety to choose from, including Hohner Models

    TYROLEAN WOOD GRAIN ACCORDIONS  Diatonic, Piano, and Chromatic

    USED ACCORDIONS  Very large list of all types of accordions and prices

    WIRELESS ACCORDION SYSTEMS  Expand the sound of ones accordion!

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