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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening was released for the Nintendo Game Boy in August of 1993. This is a totally awesome game for the Game Boy that cannot be passed up. The game is full of riddle and mystery that will pull you in and make you crave for more.

With the release of Nintendo's new Game Boy Color, a new version of Link's Awakening will be available. It will contain a never seen before dungeon and item.

Though you fulfilled the Hyrulian prophecy of the Legendary Hero and destroyed the evil tyrant Ganon, the land of Hyrule enjoyed only a precarious peace. "Who knows what threats may arise from Ganon's ashes?" the restless people murmured as they knitted their brows and shook their heads. Ever vigilant, you decided to journey away from Hyrule on a quest for enlightenment, in search of wisdom that would make you better able to withstand the next threat to your homeland.

Months of difficult travel passed. After a long and fruitful voyage, you breathed deeply the sea spray from the deck of the ship that carried you home to Hyrule. But your homecoming was not to be. Suddenly a squall struck your ship, and though you valiantly fought the waves, a lightning bolt reduced your ship to splinters.

Your world faded to black as he sank into the darkness of the storm-tossed sea with the remains of your craft. But in the cold darkness of the deep, you heard a comforting voice that reminded him of home. It was the voice of Princess Zelda!

"You're going to be all right!" the voice said. "What a relief!"

You opened your eyes to find Princess Zelda standing over him-or was it?! Actually, it turned out to be a woman named Marin. She explained that you had drifted with the wreckage of the ship to the shores of Koholint Island. This mysterious island was unique for the gigantic egg which crowned its central mountain. It was said that a mythical creature, the Wind Fish, lay asleep inside the egg.

You set out in search of his sword and other gear that might have washed up on the beach. As you stood in the surf with his recovered sword, a strange owl suddenly appeared and hooted this riddle:

"Awaken the Wind Fish and all will be answered."

"What is the Wind Fish?" you wonder... And what did its awakening portend? Your most mysterious adventure yet, following the riddle of the Wind Fish through the uncharted island of Koholint, is about to unfold.

Mini Walkthrough
Of course, many items will be needed and found just like the previous Zelda games. You will start out with virtually nothing. When you begin your quest, first talk to Tarin and he will give you your Level 1 Shield. Now, you need a sword. Travel south of Mabe Village to find your Level 1 Sword at the Toronbo Shores.

The annoying Owl will then come to tell you of your next mission (he will do so throughout the remainder of the game). You first need to find the Tail Key to enter the Tail Cave. The key is hidden in the forest, but you must get past this raccoon. To do so, you must obtain the Sleepy Mushroom and give it to the witch in exchange for the Magic Powder. However, it is also possible to win the Magic Powder at the Trendy Game in Mabe Village. Get past the raccoon, and you are able to open the chest that contains the Tail Key.

In the Tail Cave, you will acquire the Roc's Feather, which will enable you to jump. It is a quite useful item. Most importantly, you will defeat the Nightmare beast and get the Thunder Drum.

Next, you will do a short scenario will Bow-Wow. With Bow-Wow, you will be able to enter Bottle Grotto. In Bottle Grotto, you will obtain the Power Bracelet. That will allow you to lift heavy objects like pots and such. The trickiest part about this level is when the thing tells you to "first defeat the imprisoned Pols Voice, last, Stalfos." What that means it to first kill the bunny thing trapped in the blocks, then the bat, and finally the other thing. That will then allow you to obtain the Nightmare Key. After you defeat the clown thing, you will obtain the Full Moon Cello.

You will first need to find the Slime Key to open the door to Level Three, Key Cavern. In there, the Pegasus Boots will be obtained. You will also get the Conch Horn after defeating the Nightmare enemy.

To enter Level Four, Anger's Tunnel, you will need to first acquire the Angler Key. You will find Flippers, which will allow you to swim in deep waters. The instrument found in here is the Sea Lily Bell.

In Catfish's Maw, Level Five, the Hookshot is found. The Hookshot is my favorite item. It lets you hook onto things and go across holes. It also makes a decent weapon. The Surf Harp is also obtained.

First find the Face Key to enter Level Six, Face Shrine. The Level 2 Bracelet will be found here. You will obtain the Wind Marimba after defeating the Nightmare.

You must find the Rooster and the Bird Key to enter the Level Seven, Eagle's Tower. This level is probably the most difficult of all the levels. You will find the Level 2 Shield inside. The Coral Triangle is acquired in this level after you slay the Nightmare.

In the final level, Turtle Rock, the Firerod will be found. You will find your last instrument, the Organ of Evening Calm, here.

After you have all the instruments in your possession, go to the Egg and play your first song on the Ocarina. All the instruments will play a song and make an opening to the Egg. Once inside, you will enter a maze. The correct path of this maze can be found in the book found in the library. However, this book cannot be read without the Magnifying Glass. Defeat the Nightmares and awake the Wind Fish.

Other Items
There are some other items in this game that are found outside of the eight levels:

The Shovel can be bought for 200 rupees at the shop in Mabe.

Bombs can also be bought in Mabe, as can arrows.

The Bow is very expensive and sells for over 900 rupees in Mabe. However, you can steal if from the storekeeper. The only downside is that when you come back, he will kill you.

The Boomerang can be traded in exchange for the Shovel after you defeat Level Five in a cave on the beach.

Crazy Tracy's Medicine can be purchased and will restore your life. It is a very useful item.

The Ocarina is a necessary item and can be found in the Dream Shrine located in Mabe. Three songs will be learned: one from Marin, one from the Frog, and one from the Fish.

Without the Magnifying Glass, you will probably never get to the final Nightmare. It is found in the hidden passage under the Mermaid Statue. It allows you to read the book that you could not before.

You do not NEED the Level 2 Sword, but it is very helpful in defeating your foes. You can exchange it for twenty Secret Seashells (I believe there are twenty-one hidden in the game) at the Shell Mansion.

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