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The Laws of Kashrut

*** This page is intended as a guide to some of the fundamental rules and laws of keeping Kosher. It is not intended as a Halachic decision maker. Please seek out a competent Posek to answer any and all questions about Kashrut or other aspects of Halacha. Again, please do not seek to answer Halachic questions using this guide. It is for information only. May Hashem grant us all a happy and kosher life! ***

I. Ma'achalos Asuros: Non-Kosher Foods

II. Bitul: Nullification of Non-Kosher Foods

III. Aino Ra'ui La'achila: Inedible Foods

IV. Taam K'ikar: Non-Kosher Tastes

V. Nosen Taam: Infusion of Taste

VI. Nat Bar Nat: Secondary Infusions of Taste

VII. Basar b'Chalav: Meat and Milk

VIII. Rabbinic Precauions Concerning Basar b'Chalav

*** This guide is organized according to "The Laws of Kashrus" by Rabbi Binyomin Frost and other texts. Rabbi Frost's work is one of the most outstanding books on kashrus out today. No part of the book has been reproduced here, but you can buy this book at!

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