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This is the homepage for Alleycat's K-1 Ring of Gold. It's dedicated to all of us who
are in the process of or who have completed the process of obtaining a K-1 visa.

Since starting this page, I have found other people that have went through different procedures of obtaining a visa for their loved ones. The I-130 Visa, this is a visa petition you submit to get your "wife or husband" into the states. They have already married in another country and are now trying to be able to start their lives together in the USA.
This apparently, is done quite frequently, and I feel the pain of those people as well, so this is no longer just a K-1 ring of gold, it is plainly, a ring of gold. So, you may find the method and stories of people that have gone through the immigration process this way when you browse through the ring.
If you want to see which pages are I-130's and K-1's hit list sites on the ring below and it will list each page detailing the description of their site, thus telling you if it's a K-1 page, or a I-130 page.
These pages will tell the many stages of obtaining a K-1 visa and I-130 individuals
storys on how we "came to meet" our significant others, and our triumphs and set backs.

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