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Taroki Minor Arcana
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Scrolls Crowns Swords Cups

Taroki Card Game for 2, 3 or 4 Players
(Non-Stitchers print cards and glue to backing)

TAROKI is played with a 54 card deck.
SUIT RANKING: Throne, Orb, Shield, Banner, Four, Three, Two, Ace.
TRUMPS: Trumps rank in order of face value (e.g. Green Man=22, World=21 Moon=20 etc.)

AIM: to gain 500 points before opponents.

METHOD OF PLAY: Deal 8 cards to each player and 6 cards in centre for "Widow". (All cards are dealt face down). Player on dealer's left makes first call. Players, in turn, may call Game, Consolation or No Bid.
Highest bidder leads first trick. Other players must follow suit if possible. If not, trump may be used to take trick or card of another suit may be thrown away.

GAME: Widow is discarded face down with no swaps. Caller must win majority of trick points, gaining a minimum of 50 points.
If caller wins with at least 50 points, caller scores trick points plus 100 bonus points.
If caller loses, winners scores 100 bonus points only.

CONSOLATION: Turn 6 cards of Widow face up. Caller swaps 3 cards from own hand with 3 cards from Widow. Widow is then discarded.
If caller wins majority of trick points, caller scores trick points plus 50 bonus points.
If caller loses, winner scores 50 bonus points only.

NO BID: If all players call No Bid, dealer must call Consolation

TRICK POINTS: Court cards (Throne, Orb, Shield, Banner) are worth 10 points each.
Lowest trump (Caduceus) is worth 2 points.
Two highest trump cards (Green Man and World) are worth face value (22 points & 21 points respectively).
All other suit cards and trumps have a point value of 1.

Example A: If player1 leads Shield of Cups and player2 follows with Four of Cups, then player1 scores total value of trick -11 points.

Example B: If player1 leads Orb of Swords and player2 trumps with World, then player2 scores total value of trick - 31 points.

Example C: If player1 leads Banner of Scrolls and player2 follows with Throne of Scrolls, then player2 scores total value of trick - 20 points

Example D: If player1 leads Throne of Crowns and player2 trumps with The Snare, then player2 scores total value of trick - 11 points.