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The Storm

What a night To hear the crashing thunder The rain falling from the skies to kiss the ground The lightning lights up the skies with bright falshes as passionate phrases spoken. What a sensual storm. To feel the electricity all around What vivid images it brings to mind It fills the mind with powerful picutres As if the sky were making love with the earth and I was called upon to watch it Summoned by a force to capture its beauty How could I, merely a human being be called upon to witness such a sight But perhaps it was not me but my soul that was summoned Oh to share such a night with my lover To be as encompassed with his love and spirit as I am encompassed with the fury of the storm My spirit is torn between the raw power all around and the longing to be entwined, to become one with my love But that cannot be for my lover has not returned to me an the storm has begun to fade away Leaving me caught in the cool wake of loneliness As if I had been loved and my lover had to depart from me The sadness opens my eyes to the gloom left behind Trees continue to wave saying their goodbyes The grass continues to drink the living fluid that gives birth to new blades and crops Yet, they too are left alone Ever hearing the echoing moans of the thunder while it moves to make love to another during another night But return to the earth it loves just as my love returns to me And now I must part to catch the last glimpses of electric light. Au revior