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More Tales From The Realm


Raging. Brewing. Stirring. All day something has been coming. Now it's here. Tears. Cat tears. Tears hidden in a rain storm. Screams, sobs encompassed in the thunder. Anger flashes in the lightning. Lonliness, depression longs for the company of the cat. At first the gray cat refuses. It knows sadness well. For a while, the two had kept great company. They were not stranger. That is, until the day the wolf came along. The wolf offered something new. Something warm and happy. The wolf offered love. Something the cat had almost forgotten. The cat grew in the love and slowly it turned a magnificently, spotlessly white cat. And oh how the cat loved its glorious, new body. All the while lonliness grew jealous. It thrived on sadness. It longed for the cat's company. So it waited. Waited for the wolf to do something wrong. And eventually the wolf did. He became so like the others that the cat began to wonder if he had been different at all. The cat began to feel pain. A pain she knew well. The pain that chills, lingers, numbs the heart. She hated the pain, for she truly lovved the wolf. But nonetheless, the pain was great and the once white cat grew gray once more. Lonliness saw this and at once threw its talons into the back of the cat. Calling for teh cat to join it in sorrow. And still the cat pulls away. For in the distance, she hears the wolf. So, the cat tears away from lonliness, with a few scars to run to her love, even if he hurts her again. For her love is rare. The unconditional kind. And even if lonliness comes, and come it will, she will break free to hear the wolf. The voice she would follow to the ends of the earth. The wolf the cat loves.

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