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The Cajun They Call Gambit

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If ever there was a comic book character that could steal a gal's heart...then Gambit is the one who stole mine.

More Words From The Thief

What is it that pulls a man in many directions all at once...but which at the same time also holds a man together? It is his soul. And whether good...or evil...or a combination of both...a man cannot escape the urgings of his soul.

excerpt from The Uncanny X-Men #350

"Take away d'bad times I had here, an' I'd have no times at all. What has love done t'you, Remy LeBeau? Ev'ryone I grew up with, the entire Thieves Guild, dey'd be havin' a good laugh on you now, boy. Standin' in the rain, pretendin' it's that...and not tears runnin' down y'face."

"It's a pretty swift shot t'the guts...knowin' y'lousy past has caught up t'ya. Jus' when y'thought--hoped--that ya'd gotten away from it...worse when it's D'woman dat you love, who could be d'one t'ruin it all. Even worse still, it's all d'result...of one stolen kiss. One helluva kiss, at dat. The kinda kiss a gambler would risk d'pot for. Serves me right. I played d'hand was dealt me. An' I lost. Hadda do it all over again, Remy, what would ya do? What would I do?"

"An' she gone, SNAP, jus' like dat. An' look what she leaves behind--Gambit Prince of T'Thieve's Guild, left standin' like a fool, pain in his chest...cause she stole my heart...gaspin' for air...cause she took my breath away..."

"Dis wasn' d'way I wanted it to go down. But it was as much her fault as mine, wasn't it? We're all trapped by what we've done. She ain' never gonna be able t'love someone else till she can love herself. An' me? Wish I really was d'snake everyone says I am. Den I could just shed my skin. Leave my past--my sins--t'rot behind me."

excerpt from October's Anniversary Issue of the X-Men

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