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Test Answers

Okie, You've made it here which means you've taken the tests. Well, at least I hope you have. :o) Now you'll probably hate me but I am not goin to give you the meaning to the first test still have to email me that. But here are the answers (or should I say analysis, of the second test):


1. The road represents your attitude towards falling in love. If you chose the short one, you fall in love quickly and easily. If you took the long one, you take your time and do not fall in love that easily.

2. The number of red roses represent how much you give in a relationship. The number of white roses represents how much you expect to get in a relationship. So, if a person chose all red roses with one white rose, he/she gives 90% in he relationship, but only expects to recieve only 10% back.

3. This question shows your attitude in handling relationship problems. If you asked for the family member to get your love then you are the type who wants to avoid problems. If you went to get your love yourself, then you are pretty direct and solve the problem right away.

4. The placement of the roses indicate how often you would like to see your boy/girl--friend. Putting the roses on the bed means that you want to see them alot. If you placed the roses on the windowsill, this means you don't mind seeing each other once in a while.

5. Finding your boy/girl--friend asleep means that you accept you love the way they are. Finding them awake means you expect them to change for you.

6. The short and long roads now represent how long you could stay in love. If you chose the short one, you fall out of love easily. If you chose the long one, you tend to stay in love for a long, long time.

I hope you enjoyed this test. I did. :o)

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